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Where in the world is WaldoThe Bike’n Fool?

I have the luxury of living on beautiful Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Know mostly for the Kennedy’s and a playground for Bill Clinton during his Presidency. The Cape is basically an island with miles of great beaches. No mountains, just hills but we are famous for things called Kettle Holes. These are best described as small circumference areas that are deep and steep. Cape Cod happens to have many areas to ride. There are great road routes that run you along the water and single track trails that will get your heart rate monitor ringing like a bell at the end of a boxing match!

So how do you Mountain Bike without a mountain?

Trail of Tears: West Barnstable

Trail of Tears is a 1200 acre parcel of conservation land in the located in the Mid-Cape area . The main recreation focus is multi-use and revolves around mt.biking, hiking, trail running and cross country skiing. Hunting is allowed in season. Try not to get shot!

Funny thing about this spot, when I was younger, I lived on the edge of the conservation land and used to dirt bike ride in these trails. Now I ride a bicycle on the same trails. It is really weird. Back then I couldn’t have even dreamed of riding a bike out there.

There is approximately 16 miles of single track that wind throughout the Trail of Tears area. Many trails are tight and fast. The majority of single track is short and steep with some very twisted sections. Though the trails are not very technical, they’re full of short steep climbs which make for a great aerobic roller coaster ride. There are many open fire roads and large cleared well fields that can be riden as well.


Cape Cod NEMBA has built a scenic overlook in this area as well as marking the trails with signs. Many thanks to the countless hours of NEMBA members and others who help keep this area up.


Here is a link to a Map provided by the town. Check out my Rides area for GPS and other route info.


How to get there: 

The Trail of Tears parking lot is located just off exit 5 on the mid-cape highway. Take a right off the exit then another right, that is the service road. Parking is approximately 300 yards down on the left.


Otis: West Falmouth


Called simply Otis, it’s named after Otis Airbase which it boarders.  I am not completely sure of how many acres it covers but it seems at least as big as Trail of Tears. There actually may be more miles of trails. There is definitely more elevation and I think many of the trails are much harder than TOT.


Depending on which ones you ride, the terrain is tight and has lots of loose surfaces. Tail of Tears is definately packed down more. There are lots of big rocks to ride over and one rock garden that is almost a mile long. Generally flat and seriously rocky.  Much like TOT there are fire roads that can be ridden. Here are a few general trail maps:

  • Map 1 (Thanks to Ted Rowan for the great map)
  • Map 2 (Thanks to for the great map)
  • Check out my Rides area for GPS and other route.

These trails provide dependable riding year round for riders with intermediate or better abilities. Care must be taken to ride ONLY south of Connery Blvd., the main road from the Otis Rotary and to park only in marked areas. Also, DO NOT RIDE near the National Cemetery and the Base Housing Area. Please respect the security of this military facility.


How to get there:

Travel south on MA Rt 28 to Routet 151, right off the ramp and back under the highway. There is a trail head just on the left. Minimal parking but there is plenty on the right just after.


Willow Street: Yarmouth


The trails off of Willow Street in Yarmouth (Exit 7 on the Mid Cape) are a good mix of single track and fire road. Having only limited knowedge of the trail network, from what I have seen it is pretty cool. Tight and twist, lots of small but doable hills the trails are pretty high speed. The terrain is no where near as compacted as Trail Of Tears. There are some area with rocks and roots but on the whole the routes I rode were generally smooth.  


I did a two loop ride that took about 2.5 hours and covered about 16 miles.  Part on one side of route Willow and part on the other.  One thing to note is the abundance of pricker bushes. It may be hare to get out without a flat.

How to get there:


Routw 6 (Mid Cape Highway) to Exit 7. I suggest turning North on Willow toward Route 6a. There are two office buildings just on the left. One is call Mill Lane Management the other is an empty building. I park in front of the empty building. Please be respectful of the area.


One trail head is just after the parking on the opposite side of the street. It is next to the pond and is maked by a small dirt parking area.


The other is just before the parking lot on the same side of the street. It is located just under the Route 6 overpass. You must cross the rail road tracks.




  1. Hi Steve,

    I met you on my way out to Otis. I am from NH and you left your blog on my father in laws truck. I had a great 3 hour ride and was surprised at how cool the trails were at Otis…Rocks, Rock Gardens and smooth fast single track. Real Cool. I have not really looked at your blog yet in detail but I wanted to give you a quick thank you before I enter your blog. KJ

  2. Hi Kevin

    Glad you had a great ride. That area is my favorite on the Cape.

    Let me know next time you are down and I will take you on one of the loops I have worked out.

    Keep on biking…SAF

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  4. Hey Steve, mark and I had a great ride with you. Our chance meeting and your guide took it to another level. I look forward to doing it again.

    Thanks, John G.

  5. Hey Steve, Me, Mark, and hopefully a couple other friends from CT. are gonna ride TOT this sat. We are gonna arive at the parking lot at 10:00 am. Hope to see you. peace, JG.

  6. Hey when your going to the TOT is it a right off the exit when youre on your way off cape? or a right off the exit when youre on youre way on cape?

    • Hi- Actually you can park in many locations to access the trails but the area you are referring to is off the Service Road adjacent to Exit 5. From Off-Cape it is a right and immediate right on to the Service Road and you will see a dirt parking area on the left. From Further On-Cape it is a left off the ramp then straight through the rotary and take immediate right on the Service Road and look for the dirt parking on the left. It’s a great riding spot, hope this helps. Regards…

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