Specialized Transition

 The Bike: 2007 Specialized Transition Pro
Size: Medium
Miles to Date: approx 600 

The Rider:Bike’n Fool
Height: 5′8″
Weight: 163 

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I had been riding a 1985 Fuji road bike for years. It was actually my wife’s bike from High school. No kidding. It spent years on an old trainer in the basement and was in pretty rough shape. As my wife got into biking started to do Triathlons, she ended up buying a Trek Equinox 7. It is a beautiful bike with mid range components. When we went riding she would dust me like a crop as I floundered on the old Fuji.

Feather Weight
What a difference coming from the old Fuji. I mean I can barely describe it. The weight difference was staggering. I am not sure how much the Fuji weighed but the Transition weighs just under 20lb. I remember coming back from my first ride, I just made it up a long hill on the way to my house in record time with nominal effort. One down side is that the wind can knock you around pretty easily. My rides take me by the ocean and if the wind is over ten I have to be careful.

The Contortionist
I chose a tri bike because the aero position looked pretty comfortable and the bikes looked like they were well designed. Pretty lame I know. I road my wife’s Trek and definitely liked it. Once I got the Specialized and started riding it, I found it awkward at first. The Lightning Stryke aero bars that came with the bike had few adjustments. They were very low. Actually too low for me. I swapped the bars out for a more adjustable set. Following much advise from magazines and Internet sites, I got the bike dialed in pretty good.

How you sit on a tri bike is definitely different than how you sit on a regular road bike. The first couple of weeks I thought, wow this sucks! My body was not used to being in this contorted position. I would ride about sixty percent of the time in the aero position and the rest in the more traditional up right position. Now I spend about ninety five percent of the time in the aero position (breaking, dog walkers, and certain traffic conditions not with standing).


                            Regular Road Bike                       Tri Road Bike

I Was Framed…
I must say the the frame rides fantastic. It seems to absorb the rough texture of most roads. One day I road my wife’s Trek in stead of the Transition and the difference in vibration was amazing. The Transition was so smooth by comparison. The frame feels tight and strong no flex. The aero design is carried over to the frame design giving it a very narrow profile. Specialized finished in in a pretty cool paint job that is partially chromed.  


Saddle It Up…
Over all the cockpit is pretty relaxed and spacious but I do run it tight.  The bike is nimble but do not expect to carve up the road in the aero bar position. Riding in the normal position the bike does maneuver well. After riding mountain bikes, road riding makes you feel like superman. Each peddle stroke feels incredibly efficient.  It definitely took me a bit to get used to but now I can develop pretty good power.

The Gear…
The Specialized Transition Pro comes with a Shimano Dura-Ace package for drive train and brakes. I must say the shifting is superb. Always crisp, there is a quality mechanical feel. The same quality is present in the breaks. As summer is here and the local roads are twice as busy, I find sure the sure footedness and strong breaking a plus. The crank set is FSA K-Force MegaExo, 2-piece carbon. Nice set-up and smooth as butter. 


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