RM Slayer 50

Kinda like “Conan The Barbarian”

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Rides like an XC bike, takes a beating like a downhill bike. If that isn’t the quintessential definition of a true All-Mountain bike, we don’t know what is. Ride the new Slayer and you’ll snap through tight switchbacks, berms, and technical sections at white-knuckle speed, and climb big ascents like a billy goat on steroids. What sets the Slayer apart, however, is you get this superb All-Mountain versatility in a superior suspension technology that gives you that ‘right’ feeling of confidence during epic climbs and rugged descents.

While many 6-inch travel ‘all-mountain’ bikes sleep on the cross-country side of the bed, the Slayer is more of a lightweight freeride bike. For starters, the suspension feels firm at first but opens up and feels absolutely bottomless on medium and big hits. Next, the bike has a laid back, stable feel to it – compliments of the 68-degree head angle and the bike’s low center of gravity (due primarily to so much material located low and center of the bike). In the steep and ugly, the Slayer can turn gravity-phobes into descending fools, though credit here also goes to Marzocchi’s stout, plush All Mountain 2 fork. Finally, it’s built like a brick shithouse.

Getting down to brass tacks here, I’ve got to say that I loved the Slayer on downhills and found it entirely bearable on the climbs – particularly for a bike capable of taking this much abuse. True to the marketing hype, the pedals never kick back on you when you’re climbing and hit something big.

In this thriving niche of climbing friendly 5 and 6-inch travel bikes, the Slayer stands out as one of the few bikes that really feels like it possesses six full inches of travel. The stable, centered ride quality, the ready-for-abuse parts pick and the attention to detail (each frame built by hand in Canada) make this one satisfying bike.



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