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Hero…who me? 
Ok, if you have read any of my blog you already know I am a self professed GEEK. That’s right, died in the wool, pocket protecting, tape on the glasses, geek. I just love technology. So I read this article recently on  Hero Helmet Camera by GoPro. Very cool little digital video/still camera that mounts to just about anything.

Remember Q? 
The camera comes in the following configurations; Wrist, Helmet and Motor-sports. The heart of the package is a 1.5″x2.25″x1″ digital camera. It comes with a clear water tight lexan case that is claimed to be virtually indestructible. The camera itself is a looks like something that James Bond would use for a spy mission. Additionally, most of the kits come with lots of mounts and pivot arms allowing for many different setups. The Auto kit comes with a cool suction cup that claims to be rated up to 150mph.


So the geek in me thought, wow this is cool. I could shoot all kinds of video and stills on both mountain and road bike. The videos above were shot using  the GoPro Hereo 5. So far I am please with how it performs.


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