The Story…

Tempest Fugit

Seems like just the other day but yet a life time ago. You know, being a kid. Being young and care free.

Who says bigger is better?

I started riding BMX around age twelve because I could ride fast and jump things. The bikes were generally simple but seemed to break alot. I rode constantly. Man, those were the times. Not a care in the world!

Movin on up…

Lots of mishaps and a busted collar bone later I found out about motorcycles.  Dirt bikes were the bomb. Intoxicating to ride, they took skill and fitness to ride. Also, when riden at the limits, they produced lots of adrenaline!

Partial to four strokes, my favorite bike was Honda XR350. It had great power, great suspension, low maintenance and best of all it was generally quite. I have had over a dozen different bikes over the years. Another one of my favorites was the original CR250 water cooled bike. Light, fast, killer suspension. It could literally fly. I ended up jumping so much with it that I cracked the frame! No worries though, I had acquired it by trading an old stereo receiver and some speakers, so it left me just as easily as it came.

These bikes were generally in expensive by todays standards. I don’t think I ever paid more than $1200 for any bike. Granted I never bought anything new. After fifteen years of intense and extreme dirt bike riding which include many spectacular mishaps, I elected to give up the sport!


Time travelin…

Fast forward ten fifteen years, here I am, in my forties, looking to stay healthy and manage stress. About two and half years ago, I was reading an article about mountain biking and thought, wow that sounds pretty cool. I live near trails so what the hell.  

I could not believe that a good bicylce could cost thousands. After all, I was buying killer dirt bikes for just over a grand – ok maybe that was ten  (dam) fifteen years ago but who’s counting? How much could a mountain bike cost? Filled with self confidence, I set out to fined the perfect bike. Or so I thought.

So, three hundred dollars later I had a used bike to sell. Ok, my first mountain bike purchase was a joke. Department store special but it did have a cool disc brake – actually I think it was just for show? As I did more research and rode more, I soon began to understand the technology and design that goes into bicycles today. 

Now I ride a bike that cost more than my first car. I appreciate the engineering and craftsmanship that goes in to them. I actually own four bikes. Each one has it’s own personality. Check out “The Bikes” for my take on them. I read a recent article in Bicycle Magazine titled “Why We Love Our Bikes” and really identified with it.

I hope I can do this into my seventies!

For more insight as to why I love this stuff view “Minds Eye” .



  1. Aliicia jusr gave me this site. . .have read a couple of your entries, and will do so until I catch up. It’s great to see what you’re up to, too! Sounds awesome. . .happy riding!!

  2. Hey Steve,
    Good seeing you out at Otis again today. Thanks for the advice. I’m almost positive I found the rock garden trail that you were talking about and it was awesome!

    • That rock garden is super cool and pretty tough. Great to see you.

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