Posted by: bikenfool | February 19, 2012

I’m Loving It…

And I am not talking about McDonalds!
What’s that sound you say? Can’t quite make it out but is sounds vaguely failure? That sound is my quads screaming for mercy.


I stagger into the house, spots of mud peppering my clothes, “You look kinda like a leopard, let me rephrase that, you look kinda like something a leopard dragged in!”  Iron Chick says as she gives me the once over. “You betted have put a towel over the seats in the Jeep! Between the mud and the way you smell I’ll never get the clean!”


“I love you too honey!” I reply grinning ear to ear. I was just getting back from a kick-ass 14 mile ride at Trail of Tears. We rode a new loop that Frank strung together and I am really liking it. With Tim and I in tow, he was dropping the hammer today as we flew through the trees like a group of rabbit squirrels. My legs were screaming but there’s no time for self pity, I was not about to fall behind.


Was that Yesterday?
Back up 24 hours and I’m running a nice pace through the lovely village of Cotuit. It’s 45 degrees and kinda windy but man is it nice out. The sun is bright yellow, the sky is pale blue and I am admiring the beauty of it all as my Shuffle plays a killer mix. I’m 6 miles into a 10 + mile run and loving it.

IMG_0136 (2)

The miles are clicking by with ease. I hit 8 mile as I arrive at an area of Cotuit called Oregon Beach, a remote and beautiful spot off the beaten path. There are a series of dirt roads, at the end of this peninsula, that are simply marvelous for running or even cyclocross riding. The woods shelter me from the wind and I actually begin to feel hot.


At mile 10, I am near my house but decide to keep going on a trail that cuts across the marsh. It’s very scenic and connects Pinaquissett Cove with Crocker’s Neck Conservation Area. Entering the conservation area, I’m hammering out a decent pace on the undulating terrain while thinking about how cool this would be on a mountain bike. I run down by a secluded beach and a couple miles later and I’m back at the house.

The boys...

Spring ahead…
Fast forward 24 hours; I’m digging deep, sweat drips down my nose as I fly over a seriously rocky section of trail. I’m hanging on for dear life and pounding on the peddles when I hear a horrendous sound. It seems a large thick stick was trying to make close friends with my front wheel. In an effort to keep myself from going ass over tea kettle, I quickly grab a handful of brakes and stop like a cat whose tale was stepped on. Thankfully, going over the bars was averted and surprisingly, no busted spokes either!


We are almost done, hitting the flats at full speed. At 15+ mph, the whoosh of trees just inches of bars and the feeling of railing a corner as my lungs grasp for another breath is simply exhilarating and at this point I ‘m not thinking about anything but the trail in front of me. Tired and sweaty, we arrive back at the main lot with quads and lungs burning some 2 hours after we began.


I’m feeling your pain…
Ok, I beat the crap out of myself this week and there is still one more day to go! I am pretty much sore all over but I wouldn’t have any other way! Tomorrow is Presidents Day so I get one more day to play, maybe a light Cyclocross ride? Yeh, I’m a glutton for punishment.


The rest of the week I’m planning on taking it easy as the Hyannis Half Marathon is coming up this Sunday and I want to be rested. All I can say is damn, what a great weekend and what a great winter!

I’m loving it.


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