Posted by: bikenfool | February 12, 2012

A little cold never hurts?

Spoiled rotten…
Ok, I have to admit that I have been spoiled rotten this winter. It has been one of the mildest on record and that has allowed me to be outside more than usual and actually enjoy it.


Taking advantage it all…
Last Thursday I had the pleasure of working down in Falmouth and I any time I do, I always try to take full advantage of its beauty. Nothing beats riding or running the Falmouth coast so after work I decided that a nice six mile run was in order. It was 42 and sunny with almost no wind, wow what a day.


I headed out around 4:15pm, running from the head of the harbor towards Woods Hole. The ocean was flat calm, sea gulls few over head and the smell of salt air reminded me of warmer days. Running west, towards the sun set and its warm orangish glow, I remembered why I love to live on Cape Cod.Six miles flew by in about 51 minutes as I arrived back at the harbor just as the sun had set. After two previous evening treadmill runs, it was damn nice to outside.

More fun to be had…
Yesterday we had rain, sleet and snow for about 12 hours but luckily enough the temperature hung around 35 so nothing really accumulated. Unfortunatly, the temps did nose dived overnight, heading below 20 and leaving me wondering if I would actually miss a weekend of riding.

First Snowfall

All is not lost…
Stepping on to the deck, the bright sun felt warm, for about 5 seconds until the bitter wind chill slapped my face. I was well prepared however, armed with techwick windproof fabrics and of course a balaclava mask, I headed out to meet Tim & Frank at Trail of Tears.


The trail surface was hard and there was what looked like a sprinkling of confectionary sugar strewn around. Dsepite the slippery look of the trail, traction was great and the patches of snow actually seemed to add to the grip.


To boldly go where no man has gone before? Not really…
Frank lead the ride today, taking us on a fantastic 12+ mile loop that covered the gamete of twisty trails and offering up lots of hills. Good thing I actually like hills as we set a nice brisk pace to help keep us warm.


It always amazes me how well Specialized S-Works Captain Tires perform in snowy/icy conditions. They are sure footed and super grippy throwing lots of rooster tails from the sharp knobbies.

All around great tires that would further be put to the test as the sun started to melt selected spots on the trails making randomly placed “mud zones”. Thank God, there were no miss-haps; unlike a few weeks ago when I fell about 5 feet from the top of the big Ramp Rock at Otis. Yeh, it hurt…


Although it was 28 degrees with wind gusts up to 30mph we had a blast. Flying down tight twisty trails, trees inches off my bar ends, crisp air cleaning out my lungs and the occasional feeling of my wheels leaving the ground… Ah yeh, I sure do love mountain biking…







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