Posted by: bikenfool | September 16, 2011

Times they are a changing…

Cooler weather…days getting shorter…leaves falling… yeh, summer’s over. It sure has been a good run and as summer ends, my routine is starting to change. Tuesday nights I usually do the Cape Cod Cycling Club Time Trials.


Ten weeks out of twelve this season, I huffed, puffed, sweated and basically drooled my way through these events with my heart beating out of my chest and my lungs burning like the fiery brimstones of hell.


Did I say I love this stuff!

Anyway, this past Tuesday, with the ever so accurate weather forecast calling for partly cloudy and 30mph winds, I decided to mountain bike instead. The whole time I was loading the Stumpjumper, I couldn’t help but feel melancholy and even a little guilty about not doing the the time trail. To make it worse, the weather turned out to be nice and the winds were actually light but I was committed to my choice and made a b-line to Trail of Tears.


The minute my tires hit the trail, all my guilt just faded away. The Stumpjumper, having had its suspension recently rebuild, was in top form and with my endurance at a peak, I made short work of the fast loop.


Trying to belay my feeling of remorse and guilt over abandoning the time trial, I made this feeble attempt at mimicking it on the trail…

While I am not happy about fall coming, days like this sure make it easier to deal with :)…


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