Posted by: bikenfool | June 2, 2011

Time Trial Time

It’s back…
With Summer comes longer days, warmer temps, lots of out door activities and oh yeh, Time Trials. Last year, the Cape Cod Cycling Club (C4) held weekly Time Trials in Osterville. The 6.6 mile flowing course wound its way through the village and provided great challenge to test your maxium threshhold.


Now that it’s almost summer again, I figured I would get a jump on building up my endurance. So this past Tuesday, I headed down to the course to throw down my best effort. Ok it’s only been a day since the half marathon but I figure it will help my legs recover right?


Anyway, the evening was nice with little wind and 65 degree temps. I did a one lap at about 60% to get warmed up. Traffic was light and as the general store was being painted, there was little activity at what usually is a tricky spot. My legs felt pretty good but on the hills, my quads were squealing like the three little pigs.


Arriving back at the starting point, I lined up and reset my trusty Garmin. This was my second ride on the Cervelo P2. I can’t say enough about this bike. What a great machine; comfortable and smoking fast.


I had swiped Iron Chicks “Speed Fill” at the end of last season to make it easier for me to hydrate when riding at speed. It works awesome as I do not have to come up out of aero to take a drink. What a great device…


Light-um up…
With all systems a go, I pressed start on the Garmin, snapped in and began the run. As the first leg is slightly down hill, I pushed hard knowing I might be slower on the upcoming hills. The Cervelo was moving out nicely and things felt good. The first hill was not to bad, as I stayed seated for the entire climb. However, the second hill is longer and required some out of the saddle time. Yeh, it hurt! The next section was smooth and fast to the general store but the uphill section into downtown was once again challenging my quads.


Once I hit the flats on the way out of town, I dropped the hammer again, taking the corner on Pond Street at pace and without breaks- yikes. Pond Streets twisty curves and various hills provided some challenge on the way to Bay Lane. I really like the Bay Lane section. Even with a decent hill near the end of the run, it just feels like a fast road. Stealing a quick glimpse of my time makes me feel like I’m behind so once again I kick in the afterburners. At this point my lungs are burning along with what’s left of my legs.

2011 1st tt

Crossing the finish, I stop the clock at 17:10 at an average pace of 23.1 for 6.61 miles. Not my best time but considering the state of my legs, I consider it a good first effort. I just love doing flat out runs, traffic and poor road conditions aside. I can’t wait until we officially start the trials but until then, I will continue to work on increasing my upper limits.


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