Posted by: bikenfool | May 31, 2011

Johnny Kelly, Small Bladder and 16 Damn Seconds

Memorial Weekend is finally here. While I’ve running a lot, I hesitate to say I’ve training because it honestly feels like more like fun than hard work. Now the time has come to reach for my goal of running the Johnny Kelly Half Marathon.

I certainly feel prepared for the race, having attempted to keep up with Iron Chick has seen to that. Three miles feels like getting warmed up, six feels good, ten is just fine and over ten is not an issue for my cardio but does bother my joints a little.


Now keeping up with Iron Chick is no easy task and it has had me pushing myself harder than I have ever done. This past week found me Mountain biking 15 miles Saturday, Road Riding 50 miles Sunday, Running 6 miles Monday, Running 6 miles Wednesday, Road Riding 15 miles Thursday, Road Riding  15 miles Friday, Road Riding 30 miles Saturday and finally running 13 miles Sunday.


Stats june 11

Not exactly an easy week.

Still, I’m a slacker…
Regardless of my feeble attempt at training, I’m still a slacker compared to others. For example, last Week “Team Iron Chick” had just completed the “Reach The Beach” relay race covering ground from Wachusett to Westport.

Reach the beach

The relay race was around 200 miles and each girl ran 18+- miles over 24 hours. Pretty cool. And Iron Chick still did her full training schedule. You see why I am a slacker?

Reach the beach2

Race Day…
The other half of Team Iron Chick, my wife’s little sister Jeanne, arrived Saturday night for our obligatory pasta dinner. After having a nice meal we discuss our strategy for the next day. Being that we all run at different paces, my plan was to simply settle into to a good play list on the I-Pod while whittling away the miles.

Race morning was 60 and overcast. Albeit humid, the lack of sunshine was welcome and proved to be a big plus for the run. I felt pretty good. A little sore from the weeks activity but still, not bad. Pre race meal consisted of a bagel with Nutela, coffee and 12oz FRS. Note the coffee and FRS was a fair amount of liquid.

JK Half

7:45am and Hyannis Green filled with people. In usual form, the line for the bathrooms was long for the ladies and short for the men. Making our way to the starting line we were primed and ready to go.

We met up with two friends from off Cape, Mark & Jen then jockeyed for position at the line. As the gun went off, we slowly made our way down Main Street. Once off of Main Street I was able to settle into a good pace as the group thinned out. The miles ticked off without issue. I was running in the mid eights and feeling good.

Small Bladder…
Approaching the half way mark I had to pee bad. I thought about finding the nearest tree but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Then, while running along Craigville Beach, I see runners coming out of the bath house. Hum, a quick left turn and I’m heading for relief. As I enter the bathroom I press “Pause” on my Garmin. About a minute later and I’m back under way, slipping back into the flow of runners.  I increase my pace trying to make up for my bathroom break.


The course makes its way by Four Seas Ice Cream before making a left on Pine and heading back to Hyannis. Looking down at my Garmin, I see the numbers look the same as they did at the beach. Damn, forgot to press start! Damn! Now I’m pissed. So I pick up the pace a little more cursing the whole way back to Hyannis.


Mile ten clicks by with no issues as I run up next to Bob “Ecky” Eckerson, an old friend and the President of the Cape Cod Athletic Club. We exchange hellos and I move on. Still stewing over not restarting my Garmin, I continue to push my pace.

At about mile twelve I hear “Hey” and look over to see Jeanne running up next to me. “Damn”, she says, “I‘ve been trying to catch you since Craigville!” We decide to run in together.

As we hit the final mile our pace quickens. We’re now in the chute of orange cones. We’ve broken away from most runners at this point which gave the camera guys lots of great photo ops. Naturally we hammed it up a bit. Turning the final bend, we break into a full out sprint the finish.


Crossing the finish line, I swear Jeanne had flames following her feet! Through stupidity, my Garmin had “short changed” the distance but it did show that I averaged 8:27 min/mile with best pace 6:14 min/mile. However, I’ll have to wait for the official results.

A few minutes later, Mark & Jen cross the line with Iron Chick not far behind.

Johnny Kelly Half

All in all, we had a great race.

16 Damn Seconds…
So I was shooting to finish my first Half Marathon in 2:00 hours. When the race results came out, my time was 1:52:15 while Jeanne finished in 1:51:59. She was 16 damn seconds a head of me!


Stupid bladder!

I should have just peed myself!

Johnny Kelly Half 2


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