Posted by: bikenfool | May 16, 2011

Timing , Awareness and Destiny

The path you’re on…
I’m sitting here gearing up to watch the Amgen Tour of California. Even with the first stage cancelled due to snow, the excitement is building for this premier US race. However, the sad news of the death of Belgian rider Wouter Weylandt in the Giro d’Italia last week is serving as a sobering reminder of how things can change in a second.

Wouter Weylandt

The 26-year-old, who was due to become a father for the first time in September, died instantly after a crash on the twisting descent of the Bocco mountain pass around 25km from the finish line on last Monday’s third stage.

It sure does make me think about the future and the paths my life may go down. As I have been riding a lot on the road, the death of Wouter Weylandt really made me feel my mortality. Sunday, as I glided along beautiful tree lined streets,  I seemed to be hyper aware of things that were happening. Things that make me understand about how tragedies happen.

Timing is everything…
For example, on a quite road, the miles click away effortlessly as the birds chip. Approaching a corner, I see  an on coming car and at the same time I hear a car coming from behind. The two cars and I meet at exactly the same moment in time. On an otherwise empty road with hardly a car for miles and yet there we where, the three of us, our destinies entwined for for split seconds. If one of us is unaware, distracted of even for a second, life could change. That’s all it takes, timing, lack of awareness and bang, you run head long into your destiny. The moment passes uneventfully, “Thank God”, I think as I increase my cadence.


Three more times on this ride, the timing of events would present eerie opportunities for an accident. Thankfully no accidents occurred but it did make me think about things and how they happen. I have never been one to take life for granted and I am sure not about to do so now. I was thankful to arrived home safe once more.


Keeping up with the Joneses Iron Chick…
It is T-minus two month and counting until Iron Chick participates in Iron Man Lake Placid. I committed to doing as much of the biking and running as I can with her and so far I have done ok keeping up. This is no easy task as there are lots of four hour bike rides and two + hour runs. Generally speaking I have stayed injury free but damn I’m sore. Trying to adjust my diet to take in more protein has helped. My my weight continues to drop and my cloths are hanging off of me. Good problem to have I guess?


You know it bad when I have been running as much if not more than I have been cycling. Go figure? I am actually enjoying it and am planning on doing my first Half Marathon on Memorial Day.


It’s not all about running however. I’ve been road cycling lot, covering lots of miles with Iron Chick even though the weather has been terrible. Windy, rainy and cold conditions have been the norm and the one time I tired to ride in just shorts, it turned out to be painfully cold with the advent of an unplanned cloud bank. This gave new meaning to the word “Shinkage”. Can I just say that I am plain tired of being cold!  However, being cold is really relegated to road cycling as when I am running and mountain biking I seem to to be fine.

Untitled - 1

Speaking of mountain biking, it has become the red haired step-child in the fight for my time. I have managed to get out but not as much as I would like. The Stumpy and Enduro are fully tuned and ready for the season. Tim and I are planning our annual Pilgrimage to The Kingdom Trails in Vermont next week and additionally have our eyes set on a trip to Highland Bike Park in New Hampshire to shred some downhill runs. Wow the schedule is filling up quickly with multiple road races, mountain biking trips and a long training weekend in Placid highlighting the roster. Looks like it will be a fun summer regardless of the weather.




  1. Hi: You might not remember me. We met in St. Lucia. A little late reading your itinerary. Wondering when you would be going to Kingdom Trails. Might try to meet you down there.

    • Hi Glen, I do remember you. Hope you have been well. Funny you ask about Kingdom Trails. A friend and I were planning a trip mid week for the last 3 weeks but rain stopped us. I’m pretty busy for the next two weeks but maybe atfer that. What days work best for you?

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