Posted by: bikenfool | March 22, 2011

Almost there?

A few weeks back, the infamous groundhog said there would be an early spring. So far, at least for this area, that prediction is holding true. Weekend weather has been very cooperative in providing a nice backdrop for lots of outdoor activity. As I sit here typing this blog entry, it’s 6:30pm and the sun is just beginning to set. Ah yes, Daylight Savings Time is here and I couldn’t be happier.


Expanding my horizons…
For the last three weeks, I have been able to get in longer runs, raising my mileage from 7 to 9 and now to 12+ miles. I’m actually feeling pretty good after the runs with no chaffing, blisters or major soreness. Based on my current times, I am reasonably comfortable that I can cover a half marathon in two hours and still walk stairs the next day. Who knows, mabe I’ll even try a half marathon race this spring  just to say I did it?


Rain drops keep falling on my head…
Not to forget my roots I have also been doing a fair amount of cycling. My road rides are starting to increase as the weather is getting better. Last week was the first C4 Thursday night group ride. About 15 showed up for the kick-off. We did the usual Osterville route only slightly abbreviated due to the sunset. We covered about 20 miles at about 18 mile an hour. Nice evening with fair temps and a beautiful sunset. Damn, I missed the group rides!


Saturday however, proved to be far less cooperative for the two hours of hill work Iron Chick and I had planned. Heading out  around 1:00pm to ride the service road, it was cloudy and grey with 20+mph winds. Temps were in the high 30’s so we bundled up for the ride. Our route took us from Cotuit to Centerville. Then Down the Service Road to Route 130 in Sandwich then on to Route 6A. 

Service Road

On our way back from Route 6A, it started to sprinkle. Lightly at first, creating only moderate discomfort as it hit our faces. After traversing Route 130 and getting back on the Service Road all hell broke loose. Cresting a hill, the foreground looked milky white.


At first I though it was smoke but after checking my eyes I realized it was bands of heavy rain, yikes! So let’s recap; mid thirties, 20+ mph wind, pouring rain, an hour and a half into a two plus hour ride. Could be worse…

Rain drops keep fallin on my head

On the bright side, Sunday was sunny…
The snow is all gone from the Cape Cod area but the ground is damp. I’ve been hitting Otis a lot lately, it seemed to be drier. And I wasn’t the only one as the other weekend there must have been 75 cars parked along 151 when Tim and I arrived. Surprisingly, we only ran into a few groups of riders on the trails.


The outer Loop has been the route of choice and it has been good to me so far. The rock garden hill, cleaned and pressed, the killer five tear hill, child’s play. Yes it’s been a good start to the season. What a blast!



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