Posted by: bikenfool | February 13, 2011

A Little Frosty

Yeh, its been cold…
It’s been a tough winter so far with record cold and snow limiting my mountain biking. Granted this is helping my running but damn I miss the trails. Weeks have pased since I have been mountain biking with the last time being a 6 mile jaunt through 4 + inches of icy snow at Otis. This left me exhausted and the Enduro relegated to the repair stand with a two inch gash in the rear tire. Victim of ice I assume?


Cool Runnings

Punxsutawney who???
Riding in the cold doesn’t bother me but ice and snow are not my favorite. Thank god no crashes the last couple of rides out. Groundhog day recently past and Punxsutawney Phil claimed an early spring, we’ll see. On the good side of things, the days are getting longer with sunset happening around 5:15pm. By the end of the month, I should be able to run outside after work.   


First road ride of the new year…
The bad weather has had me running on the treadmill during the week and pounding the pavement on the weekends. It’s been six plus weeks since I decided to commit to running regularly and I have been able to stick to it. This weekend was actually supposed to be warm. Ok, warm is relative. Our average temperature has been in the low 20’s, the weekend was calling for mid 30’s so it will be like a summer day!

ug- winter sucks

ugh- winter sucks

Trying to take full advantage of this heat wave, Iron Chick & I hit the road Saturday to crank out 10k. Sunny but windy set the backdrop for a great run as I hit the 1 hour mark for 10k for the first time. Running is always easier than cycling in the cold. I was sweating my ass off by the time I got back to the house.

Iron Chick’s friend Terry texted Saturday to see if we we wanted to go for a road ride Sunday. The plan was to leave from her house in Harwich heading to Wellfleet and back, about a 40 mile ride.

Morning came all too quickly and a steel grey palate painted the sky. A 20+ mph wind made the 32 degree temperature feel more like 20. Regardless, we headed out into the cold cruel world and I do mean cold. It took about 5 miles to get warmed up. However, this part of the Cape is really beautiful and generally quiet at this time of the year so it seemed to make the cold more bearable. Surprisingly, the roads were actually in good shape with only pockets of sand hear and there. The Lower Cape has pretty much no snow on the ground which meant minimal ice and water on the roads.


Wellfleet and back

Our route up to Wellfleet took us on scenic back roads with views of bogs, marshes and Cape Cod Bay. The hour and fifteen minute ride passed quickly and before you could say “Frost Bite” we were in Wellfleet where we had a hot cup of Joe and warmed up a bit at the General Store.

Wellfleet General Store

Wellfleet General Store

Once again, it took a bit of road under my wheels to get warmed up but once I did it was a lot of fun. All in all we rode about 40 miles, while I would have preferred it was 75 and sunny, it was simply awesome to be out on the road again and off that damn trainer (if only for a day).

Iron Chicks

Too Cool - Iron Chicks warm it up...

If the groundhog is right, it won’t be long before spring arrives…


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