Posted by: bikenfool | January 13, 2011

What day is it???

It seems like just the other day that the kaleidoscope of colors canvased the trees and the crisp sound of crackling leaves filled the air as my speeding wheels passed over them. The smell of fall abounded and the warm sun recharged my soul. Ah yes, Fall was beautiful but unfortunately it smoked by faster than a dragster at the races.


Fast forward…
My eyes are wide as saucers. The scenery flies by in a blur of bright white and dark brown. Sharp crackles pierce the air as my knobby tires lose the fight for traction on the icy surface. Sliding gracefully, kinda like speed skater in what can only be described as controlled chaos, I quickly plant a foot in a frantic attempt to provide stability.


All the while, the Enduro is rapidly zeroing in on a pine tree. I begin to say my prayers just as both tires bite hard. In a glorious spray of snowy ice, the bikes suspension compresses down hard as it carves a path that narrowly misses the pine. Coming to rest in the middle of the trail, I let out a “Wooho”.

Yes Winter is here!


Old langsyne…
It’s hard to believe that another year has passed. 2010 was a great year for fitness and with the fantastic weather providing the backdrop for almost every weekend, I have nothing to complain about. In 2010 I was able to get in lots of great rides, raise my endurance and get down to fighting weight. I visited Kingdom Trails and Moab, rode with the Cape Cod Cycling Club and even participated in the Time Trail Series. I starting running again and wow, I actually went a whole year without buying another bike! Hard to believe, I know.

Yes, 2010 was a great year.

By the numbers…

Biknefool Stats

What does the future hold???
I can only hope that I am as blessed in 2011 as as was in 2010. With Iron Chick planning to do Iron Man Lake Placid in July, it’s sure to be a crazy spring.  This will be her first full Iron distance event and I am hoping to support her as much as possible. My goal is to do the bike training and as much of the running training with her as possible.

To prepare for this, I have begun running and all though not usually not my favorite thing, I must say I am enjoying it more than I used to. Running a fair amount this summer has given me a decent base. Although I let the running slide during the Fall, I did do the Jolly Jaunt 5k in December and decided that I would keep running regularly. So far so go.

Play the hand your dealt…
So far Winter has been nasty with snow storm after snow storm since early December. The Cervelo is now a fixture on the trainer in the basement and being used 3-5 days a week. I have started adding in running on the treadmill after cycling on the trainer to get me ready for spring. On New Years Day it was just beautiful, 40 and sunny. Because there was snow on the ground and a fair amount of general slop, mountain biking was out of the question but Iron Chick suggested an outdoor run.


This was Iron Chick’s first run since breaking her ankle at the Falmouth Road Race this past August. She’s been in rehab for months and finally got clearance to hit the road. So on this spectacular first day of 2011 we headed out for a quick 5k run.


The air actually felt warm and there were even patches of fog that settled in the kettle holes. As the 5 kilometers clicked off, something strange happened, I actually was having fun! So we  pulled a Forest Gump and just kept runnin. Now I haven’t run further than 5k in years but that day we did 10k and it actually felt great. 



This past weekend found me mountain biking at TOT Saturday and running another 10k Sunday. Maybe I’ll actually be able to keep up with Iron Chick this year, you think?

Nah, I doubt it but it will be fun trying…


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