Posted by: bikenfool | January 8, 2011

Back In Business

It was Epic…
While the Enduro and Stumpy were TKO,  I rode the Epic. Tight and responsive, its all business offering a very efficient ride albeit firm ride.

Specialized Epic Marathon in Action

Epic Marathon in Action

Usually it takes me a few rides to get used to the lower pedal height of the Epic but not this time. No issues with handling, pedal height or hills. Especially enjoyed no crashes and no breakdowns.

Lighter, much lighter…
Well I managed to replace all the broken parts I had accumulated over the last month. I picked up a XTR chain, XTR cog and new Saint brakes. Thank god for eBay,as I was able to secure most parts at a reasonable cost. Non-the-less my wallet has gone on a diet and now weighs a lot less.

empty wallet

That’s the brakes kid…
I decided to move to Shimano Saint M810 Brakes. These brakes have been around for a number of years and were designed to deliver performance, reliability, and power. Using a 4 piston caliper, they are robust and have 2 different sized
pistons to help bring control to the powerful brake set.

Saint Brakes 

In combination with the Saint servowave brake lever, these brakes pack a ton of power. They offer good modulation once you have them set up properly and get acquainted with how the power comes on.

Saint rear_lever_shifter

Comparing the M810’s to the Avid Juicy Ultimate setup that they replaced, I do not find a staggering difference. The Avid Ultimate’s were great brakes and performed well under all the situations I put them through. Honestly I would not have replaced them if that damn tree didn’t jump out in front of me!

Tree Damage

I have done five rides covering a little over 65 miles on the Saints and overall I really like them. The levers have a great feel and the adjustments allow for a real custom fit.  My mitts aren’t that big so being able to comfortabley hang a finger on the lever and have the right amount of lag is key. The pads are broken in and there is no groaning to be heard from the 8” and 7” inch discs, which were not replaced.

Exit Ramp TOT

With all the bikes back in business, all I need now is the weather to cooperate.

Snow, snow, snow



  1. Hi Bikenfool,

    a couple of quick question on bite point:
    1) how do you find adjustability of bite point on these brakes? i.e. can you adjust it right out so they bite almost as soon as you touch the brakes?
    2) do they bite early or is there a lag while everything heats up? I ride on the road, frequently in heavy traffic so want brakes that bite hard and early when some numpty opens a car door on me.



    • Hi Trevor,
      The adjustment for bite or freepoint is pretty easy and done right on the lever with a phillips.
      The lever lag is also adjustable at the lever by a barrel dial.
      I ride single track tight trails at a reasonable speed so I almost always have a finger hanging on the levers.
      The brakes were easy to set enough lag that I can keep a finger on the lever without engaging the brake.
      Yet, I have the bite/freepoint set to engage almost immediately with very little pressure once I pull my finger in a little.
      Some people like it to engage down near the bar but that makes me too nervous.
      There is a huge range of adustment especially on the lever.
      Hope this helps…

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