Posted by: bikenfool | November 8, 2010

Placebo, Daylight Savings and A Bright Outlook?

A Placebo Affect?
During the summer months, I trained pretty hard riding 4 to 6 days a week. Diet obviously plays a big role in being able to do this but along with eating carefully, I used dietary supplements like FRS, Recoverite and Clif Bloks to help keep me moving.


As the winter approaches, the frequency and intensity of workouts tend to drop off a little, I actually stopped taking FRS at the beginning of September. I immediately felt a difference. Maybe it’s a placebo affect but my energy reserves felt different than when I was taking FRS.



If I’m using FRS and in high stress situations, it feels like when I dig deep for more oomph, my legs can answer the call instantly. When not taking FRS, my legs react but I feel like there is a limit to how hard or long I can go. You know the feeling when your about to run out of steam? I am still able to accomplish my goal but it feels harder. It’s all about watts generated and for how long. This is different than cardio. Maybe it’s in my head but I feel a difference. I just started taking FRS again and swear I’m seeing a difference!



Daylight Saving Time is gone…
Well it happened this weekend, Daylight Savings Time ended and with it any hope of outdoor activity during the week. Sunset is now about 4:30pm, ugh, that’s seriously depressing. As well as loosing daylight, it sure is getting colder so I’m trying to get in road rides when I can.


IMG_0744 (2)


I managed one road ride during this past week but elected to hit the basement trainer Saturday after spending 3 hours doing yard work in cloudy, windy and cold temps. Salvaging the weekend, I managed to squeak in a smoking ride at TOT just before the rain started on Sunday.



It’s all good though…
Despite my incessant whining, I actually do like the winter or should I say the holiday season as it means a little more free time with family. It also means time to rest up for what I am sure will prove to be the toughest season yet!

winter 2010-2


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