Posted by: bikenfool | October 23, 2010


With Fall firmly in place the days are shorter, the leaves are changing and outdoor mid-week rides all but gone being replaced by basement rides on the trainer.

This week I tried something new and decided to do a mock time trial using an on board video of this summers TT course. Yeh, it’s the full version of the video clip I posted this summer where Danny smokes passed three cars. Plugging my PC into the basement TV provided 27” of viewing and with great tunes playing in the background, my virtual experience was set. Once warmed up, I ran the video and dropped the hammer on the Cervelo for a flat out, balls to the wall, lungs burning 6.7 mile push.


Wow that was hard! I had a good size puddle of sweat under my bike and had a hard time getting up stairs when I was done. It was no where near as fun as the actual ride but damn near as hard and way better than just peddling in the basement.

It’s all about the weekend…
I pull the curtains back to see the suns rays streaming through the trees in my back yard. It’s Saturday morning and weekends have been all about outdoor activity so I’m looking to make-up for missed opportunities by meeting Tim at Trail of Tears at 10:00am to tear it up for a few hours.


Blue skies painted the background as the crisp 45 degree air seemed to burn my lungs while Tim and I wound our way through the trails. The leaves danced as strong wind pushed through the trees seeming to wave banners of color to cheer us on as we rode by.  



The S-Works Enduro is dialed in perfect and maked easy work out of the trails as it soaked up every thing in it’s path. Covering about 10 miles of great trails, Tim and I finished the ride with a blistering 12 + mph sprint through the flat sections on the way back to the parking lot.


It was a great ride today. I sure will miss the good weather but I am endeavoring to take advantage of what’s left, savoring every minute, every breath and every ride. Maybe it will be an easy Winter? No snow and temps not below 25 degrees?  You think?

TOT Jamb

TOT Jamb2



  1. Hey good to see I’m not the only one with long travel at ToT.

    • I hear you, some say it’s over kill but it’s still a blast to ride!

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