Posted by: bikenfool | October 20, 2010

Moab Revisited Continued…

Day Two, 0-dark thirty…
Morning came too quickly as the painfully screech of the alarm pierced my ear drums. Dragging my sorry ass out of bed, I made my way to the Moab Diner for breakfast.


The large white 15 passenger Solfun van, 10 mountain bikes perched precariously on its roof , pulled in to the Best Western Greenwell to up to pick me up. Entering the van, I met three other guys that I would be riding with, Nate, Jim and Bob. Jim and Bob were from Michigan and Nate was from Colorado. All were friends getting together to celebrate Nate’s birthday by enjoying a few days of mountain biking.


At our next stop we picked up three more friends in town to do some great mountain biking as well. However, there was one difference, they had come all the way from Hong Kong! Wow, that’s pretty cool! It seems that they came over on holiday to go to Inter-Bike in Vegas, do some road riding then tear it up in Moab for a few days. Now that’s a trip!

MM Map


All in a day’s work…
Today’s ride was through Monitor and Merrimac, an area best describe as vast. The road to the parking area was a trip on to itself as Allen piloted this huge van, loaded with people and bikes, down this makeshift road like it was a Jeep Wrangler. Once to our starting point we unloaded and geared up for the day. Breaking up into two groups we set out into the crystal clear blue sky with the orange glow of the desert as our canvas.



This ride begins with vast expanses of slick rock and ledges connected by patches of red sand, With Monitor and Merrimac looming in the distance the vast expanse of the desert seemed to swallow us up. Plenty of room to wander and explore different lines.



The terrain has lots of features including elevation changes, ledges rocks and ridges. Overall it flows up and down with no major elevation changes just lots of room to roam. We spent the better part of the day exploring the area and after riding next to some of the rock formations, it makes you feel how small you really are.



We got to dice & slice through the canyons using the natural flow of the terrain to its fullest. Making our way back to the van around 3:00pm we were all pretty tired. The group of guys from Hong Kong had just arrived back as well so we all hung out and exchanged stories.


Rounding out the day…
Getting back to town, I decided to hit The Poison Spider Bike Shop for a few local goodies. After lightening my wallet, it was time to get cleaned up and head out to dinner with the group. After a hard day in the saddle, nothing tastes better than a big juicy steak so we headed on over to Buck’s Grill. We spent the evening sharing stories and breaking bread. A great end to an outstanding and memorible day.

The next morining would find me heading back to Salt Lake and being a little melancholy. My only regret being not staying a few more days! Man, I sure could get used to this…



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