Posted by: bikenfool | August 9, 2010

Mixing it up

Mid- August already-wow…
It’s hard to believe that it’s mid-August already. I can feel the days getting shorter and with that my window for getting things done. None-the-less, this has been an amazing summer and I have certainly made good use of all the great weather.

The last few weekends I managed to squeeze in a few trips to Trail of Tears. It felt damn good to hit the trails again. I was a little worried that all the road riding would somehow affect my mountain biking and sure enough it did. The thing is, I think it actually made it better. My endurance on the trails feels greatly improved and helped me make short work of the hills.

Tail of Tears

Weapon of choice?
I rode the S-Works Enduro last week and the S-Works Stumpjumper this week. Both sure felt odd after being on road bikes for so long but that odd feeling quickly faded as the trail flew under my feet. So which bike did I like better? That’s hard to say.

The Enduro feels big and heavy when loading it in and out of the Jeep, however on the trail that perception fades away fast as the bike feels very well balanced and actually pretty nimble. The suspension soaks up anything you throw at it and 2-3 foot drops feel like landing on a pillow.

S-Works Stumpy

S-Works Enduro

The Stumpjumper by contrast feels small, almost delicate and certainly light when moving it around. Once on the trail, the bike simply moves out. Where the Enduro feels nimble the Stumpy feels like a formula one car. Both are fun to to ride but the Stumpjumper feels like it’s full of helium as the front can be lifted for almost any bump and the whole bike can get air born  at a whim. That said if I am rocking it or doing drops I love the pillow soft landing of the Enduro. If you ride both bikes with the goal of keeping both tires on the ground, they both haul ass but I must admit I really like getting a little air of any thing in my path.

The Sunday rides were great and at  respectable paces (especially after 25-30+ mile road rides the day before each trail ride). The one good thing about fall is more mountain biking…

Trail of Tears

Air time...


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