Posted by: bikenfool | May 25, 2010

Nice Weekend…

Now that’s what I’m talking about…
Not known for its spring weather, the Cape Cod area usual teases you with sunny days but cold temps. This year however, through what can only be described as a miracle, we have had the nicest spring on record and this weekend was pretty much the pinnacle. With the yard work done, I was looking forward to lots of biking and maybe even relaxing.

Home Sweet Home...

Saturday started off with Iron Chick heading out at O-dark thirty to basically do a self imposed sprint. It seems the group she has been training with decided that a great way to take advantage of the great weather and jump start the season would be swim, bike and run on such a nice morning. This was just for fun mind you and did involve actually swimming in 50 degree water- ugh! Like the good husband I am, I stayed in bed to check my eyelids for holes and just to be thorough, I did so until 10:00am. Man did I need that rest!


Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I awoke up ready to roll and was chomping at the bit to hit the trails. I was planning on riding the Stumpjumper but had a little work to do first as it sustained a damaged rear shift cable in our excursion to The Kingdom Trails and a flat front tire from a killer ride at TOT last weekend. Of course these were no issues for the “Wrenchinfool” to fix while sipping coffee and it wasn’t long before I was off to Otis.

S-Works Stumpy

It amazes me that not more people were out riding as you could not ask for better conditions. The trails were in great shape and felt fast. I decided to ride the Outer Loop and make the most of the day.

Air time...

The S-Works Stumpjumper was riding nice as I blazed a path toward the Otis Rotary. Feeling pretty good, I made use of all rocks and ledges to get air at every opportunity. The outer loop has some decent climbs but once you reach the old tower, the highest point in the area, you are rewarded with a great two mile run down to the rock gardens. Today’s ride was smooth, flowing and all twelve miles were generally uneventful.

Rocking it...

A sunny beautiful day, warm temps and the trails to myself, damn that’s what I’m taking about…

Roadie for the day…
Sunday found Iron Chick and me out for a long road ride and as this was my first of the season, I decided to dig the Cervelo P2c out of the basement. I was really looking forward to riding it and with another gorgeous day as the back drop, I was sure I would enjoy it.


Riding the Cervelo is very comfortable and much like your favorite pair of jeans, it just fits right. Thankfully, Cotuit area traffic was light so we covered pretty much every road in the general area. Our route gave us beautiful views of the ocean and golf course and I couldn’t help but think how fortunate I am to live here.  With all the mountain biking I have been doing, it sure has made it easier for me to smoke up the hills on the road and I even had the legs to give Iron Chick a run for her money.

Iron Chick

The Bikenfool...

Three hours later we arrived back home, tired but grinning from ear to ear. A few hours after that I am showered, shaved and sipping a cocktail on the front deck. Clear head, clear lungs and now plugged in for a recharge. Oh yeh, this was a great weekend.

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