Posted by: bikenfool | May 2, 2010

Otis, Portsmouth and Kingdom Trails…

So thankful…
Think I’ll play the lottery, yeh that’s what I’ll do, play the lottery. I figure, odds are I’ll win. You see I have to be the luckiest guy. I mean I got a lovely wife, great family and friends, a job enjoy, I live where everyone wants to vacation and I’m as healthy as an ox. Each day I am thankful for all the abundance in my life and I try never to take things for granted. Spring on Cape Cod always makes me greatful especially after a dismal winter. The grass is green leaves are coming out and I feel like I am just waking up out of hibernation.

The past few weekends have been great. Last weekend Tim and I headed to Otis on Saturday morning, ripping up the outer loop for twelve plus miles. Tim’s bike was still in the shop so we were riding as Team Specialized.

Team Specialized

This was Tim’s third time out on the S-Works Stumpjumper and he was certainly getting used to it.

Tim in action...

Such a beautiful day and yet we were almost the only ones out there. The trails were in great shape and provide the usual levels of adrenalin rush and pain we have come to love.

Bikenfool in action...

Early bird…
God knows I love sleeping in but I must admit that it’s kinda nice riding early as it leaves plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day and that’s just what Iron Chick and I did after riding, when we headed for Portsmouth New Hampshire to visit friends.

Portsmouth, NH...

Portsmouth is a great city. It’s alive with younger people, great shops and hip restaurants. Downtown has all the charm of a typical New England coastal community and with our friends condo within a couple of blocks, we got to walk around and take in the city. It was great experience Portsmouth and even better to spend some time with friends.

Just like summer…
This weekend was simply gorgeous with sunny sky and temps in the high 70’s, wow! Team Iron Chick ran a road race in Attleboro Saturday morning and both did great placing respectably. Me on the other hand, I had to work Saturday but well worth it for the life I have. Getting home late in the day I finished edging the yard, no small task I might add, but the yard is coming along nicely this year.

Rock boy...

Achy and sporting sore feet, I meet up with Tim at Otis on Sunday morning while Iron took off on a 60+ mile road ride. Yeh, she’s crazy. Otis is starting to grow in and things are turning green. Rambling all over Otis, Tim and I covered the almost twelve miles including the ridge trail, infamous for the lost GPS of 2007, the turkey incident of 2008 and the painful sheered valve stem incident of 2009. Yes all of these historic events happened on this trail, however today was uneventful and absolutely fun as we cut a fast pace across the ridge.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kingdom Trails or bust…
This week, Tim Frank and I are heading to the Kingdom Trails in Vermont for a couple of days of riding. Kingdom Trails are located in Northeast Vermont, a multiple-use trail system unlike any other and recently voted as the BEST TRAIL NETWORK in North America by Bike Magazine in their annual Reader’s Poll and here’s what Dirt Rag had to say:

“East Burke, in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, is home to the best mountain biking in the United States. Oh yeah, I said that. The best. I know, I know, there’s plenty of great riding out there, but Kingdom Trails puts everything you could want in a trail network in one complete package. You get more than 100 miles of rolling, rocking, ripping singletrack-every inch is fun. That’s not even the best part-the best part is the fact that the trails are superbly maintained, mapped and marked. ”

Can’t wait to ride there!


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