Posted by: bikenfool | April 15, 2010

Change of scenery…

NYC or bust…
A few weeks back Iron Chick participated in the New York City Half Marathon. Having been training like crazy to prepare for this race season and having recently run another half, she was well prepared and excited for this race. Our friend Wendi, who lives in New Jersey, invited us to stay with her as she was also running the race. So Iron Chick and I packed up the trust Jeep and headed out for a weekend away.

The Big Apple...

Arriving Friday night we had a nice dinner with friends and enjoyed the balmy temperatures. Saturday morning we hooked up with the gang from Ridgewood Cycles for a 25 mile group ride. It was a spectacular day starting a little cold but warmed up nicely. It was my first time riding in this area and it sure is pretty. Lots of nice homes and tree lined roads. With the exception of some potholes and a few crazy cars it was a great ride.

I had packed the Cervelo S2 verses the usual Orbea Orca as it was still set up on the trainer in the basement. This was my first road ride on the S2 and I was very pleased as its smooth, fast and responsive ride. Overall, I really liked the Cervelo but I think I actually like the ride of the Orbea better. But if you really push me I would say that I like riding the Cervelo P2C the best. I am just really comfortable and faster on that bike.

Run in the park…
At o’dark thirty, the girls caught a ride in to the city with Drew the owner of Ridgewood Cycles. The race started around 7:00am in Central Park and 13.3 miles later ended up a couple of blocks from Ground Zero. Jose picked me up at Wendi’s at 7:00am and we headed in to the Big Apple. After quickly securing a great parking spot and we grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the 10 mile mark to watch the race.

Smoking fast...

It was simply a beautiful day for a race and as the leaders came by they were really hauling. The mens  leaders were close but it was really the women that took the lime light with a major upset as Deena Kastor was beaten in the last two miles by Mara Yamauchi. All in all it was great race.

Deena Kastor

Lucky for us, Jose and I were able to pick the girls out of the field of runners and we actually jumped in to the race and ran along side them to the finish. It was very cool running down the West Side Highway as it wound along the Hudson.

Wendi and Iron Chick both finished with personal best. As for me, I had a great weekend, got to spend time with family and friends, see New York and run along the Hudson.

Damn good weekend…

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