Posted by: bikenfool | March 28, 2010

Daylight Savings Time…

Happy, happy, joy, joy…

Once again Daylight Savings Time is here and I couldn’t be happier. With the sun setting around 7:00pm there is actually some daylight left after work to get out and do things. A couple of weeks ago Frank, Tim and I headed out for the first after work mountain bike ride of the season.

Frank cut a trail right from his house to the main trails at Trail of Tears. Very cool indeed and he even decorated the shoot with race banners! Nice…So we headed out right from Franks house to do the Fast Loop. It was a beautiful afternoon with warmer temperatures holding for the whole ride.

Getting comfortable…
I choose to ride the S-Works Enduro and had a blast. I am feeling pretty good on the Enduro, having gotten used to the overall attributes of the bike. We turned a reasonably fast average time tearing up the trails for about an hour. I was pleased with the 8.8 average on the gps (in the 9’s on the Catseye). Pretty respectable especially given it’s the start of the season, the ground is soft and I was on a 29lb bike.

Hammering the trails...

I just love being able to do this after work. It is a great stress reliever.


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