Posted by: bikenfool | February 28, 2010

Lot’s Of Fun

Living the life???
The past few weeks have been crazy at work and there hasn’t been much time for fun. My brain is like mush and I am desperately tying to keep my body from getting that way too. Although I have been able to ride on the trainer, it just doesn’t seem enough especially when this past week found me in Maine and New Hampshire working extended hours and not eating so well. The good news is it poured rain on Cape Cod and finally washed away all the snow!

S-Works Enduro

Rock riding

Test ride…
Although the weather this weekend was not great, I took the opportunity to get out for some trail riding. With the S-Works Enduro freshly set up, Saturday found me at Trail of Tears to do the Outer Loop and test the new cranks, shifters and derailleur.

S-Works Enduro

What was that blur?

Crankin it up…
The new Shimano Saint cranks felt nice and stiff with no flex. The arm length was slightly shorter than the Race Face cranks but no concerns; generating power was not an issue. The shorter length certainly made clearing rocks easier and the cranks made the ride unscathed.

S-Works Enduro

Heading out..

Shifting gears…
The Saint Shifters and Rear Derailleur were sweet. Shifts were smooth, quick and precise. Up or down, either way the components worked flawlessly and felt very nice. The derailleur has a pretty low profile and should provide reasonable protection from various objects.

The trail conditions were better than I thought they would be. There was very little mud or puddles for that matter but the ground was soft. Actually, it felt like riding on a sponge with lots of give and more effort than I would have liked. Although TOT is full of rocks and roots, the Enduro just glides right over them providing a smooth ride tracking straight and true. Big hits simply feel great and inspire confidence.

S-Works Enduro


Overall the Enduro doesn’t feel that heavy but I do notice the weight when getting air or in how much extra energy I have to expend in the trails and especially the hills. For the most part, I can make all the usual ones but I certainly can feel the extra energy expended especially later in the ride.

S-Works Enduro

Well earned rest...

Winding it down…
It was nice to get and ride in good conditions and a plus that the rain held off. I had a great 12+ mile ride that really put the Enduro through its paces. Among other things, Iron Chick has been training for the Cape Cod Half Marathon which is this Sunday and she is looking to set a new personal record. I know she’ll do great! In the mean time, were off with some friends to a much deserved dinner.

Sunday’s weather was almost identical to Saturday so Otis seemed like a nature course of action. This time I took the S-Works Stumpjumper to directly compare the ride to the Enduro.

S-Works Stumpjumper

Heading down...

Trail conditions were generally the same as Trail of Tears except there were way more branches and trees down. I’m talking a lot and to the point where at times it was hard to keep my usual pace. Almost kissing a few fallen trees head on, I elected to proceed cautiously.

S-Works Stumpjumper


Comparing apples to oranges…
The first thing I notice on the Stumpjumper how light it is. Moving it definitely takes less effort than the Enduro. The next notable difference is that the suspension is tighter, livelier, than the Enduro’s rather numb but supple ride.

S-Works Stumpjumper

Up and Over...

The best comparison would be that the Enduro is rather like a BMW X5. Very cable smooth and nothing short of a pot hole the size of a Volkswagen would deter it from its course. The Stumpjumper is like a Ferrari, it feels fast responsive and highly tuned. After pounding over some obstacles and hitting some decent jumps on both bikes I will say that I felt the hits more on the Stumpjumper where as the Enduro just says “thank you may I have another”. Certainly they both offer excellent albeit different riding experiences.

S-Works Stumpjumper


After all…
Once again there was no rain and lots of grey clouds. It was sure great to get out two days in a row and ride. The fresh air in my lungs was a treat and with the temps in the high 30’s I worked up one hell of a sweat.

Happy fool

Happy fool...

Iron Chick pulled of a person best in the Cape Cod Half Marathon finishing in 2 hours. I’m so proud of her. She really inspires me to push my self harder. It’s amazing what she has been able to accomplish. So as I sit typing this, my legs are aching my ass hurts and I’m exhausted. What a great weekend!


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