Posted by: bikenfool | August 31, 2009

Trail of Tears…

Rain, rain go away…
Two weekends in a row now we have had bad weather. I still managed to get out and ride but this is getting a little old. Weather wise, this really was the summer that wasn’t. A cold and wet spring, a muggy hot July and two weekends in August wiped out by storms have me looking to trade my bike for an ark. Ugh!


Saturday was a tropical storm and man did it rain. Sunday came and it was still raining at 3:00pm. Regardless, Tim and I decided to go riding at Trail of Tears. Who knew that the “Tears” in “Trail of Tears” came from all the rain?
Tim "The Man"

Tim "The Man"

The trail conditions were better than I thought they would be with not many puddles around. However, a couple of miles in my feet were soaked from all the under brush. They were making sounds like a wet sponge and I am pretty sure I should have used swim goggles instead of Oakley Blades. The ground was soft as a marsh mellow and seemed to suck the energy out me but we made pretty good time. By the end of the ride we were covered in mud and so were our bikes.

Muddy bikes...

Muddy bikes...

What’s that they say, a bad day on the trails is better than a good day at work? The video says it all.



  1. I always ride part of the Trail of Tears when I’m on the Cape for vacation — I leave from the same parking lot you did in the video.

    Here’s a blog post I did about riding the Trail of Tears — I embedded this video, which is very cool.

  2. What is the music that accompanies this video?

    • Hi Gary, thanks for the comments. TOT is a great place to ride. The music is Rob Thomas (lead singer from Matchbox Twenty) and the song is “Heartbreak”. Email me if you are down and want to ride. Have fun, Ride Often – Bikenfool

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