Posted by: bikenfool | July 28, 2009

End of Days…

Parting is such sweet sorrow…
As I sat and watched the last stage of The Tour DeFrance, the gravity of my situation began to set in. After three weeks of watching the Tour every night it was all coming to an end.

And what a tour it was. Alberto Contador certainly did an outstanding  job riding consistently albeit seeming not very team oriented at times. Part of me wanted Lance Armstrong to win but I think place third was very respectable and Contador deserved it after his performance. As for the Schleck brothers, they did a phenomenal job and their loyalty to each other is remarkable. Then there was Mark Cavendish who set a record with six stage wins in this tour. How about George Hincapie missing The Yellow Jersey by seconds and then riding four stages with a broken collar bone. Mont Ventoux lived up to its reputation and made for some amazing racing giving Olympian Bradley Wiggins a 4th place overall and keeping the crowds of thousands in a frenzy for the last 12 miles. 

Team Time Trial...

Team Time Trial...Thanks Versus

Day after day, I watched as these pros pushed them selves in ways I can only imagine. Riding over a hundred and fifty miles most days while maintaining insane average speeds. Watching this race really motivates me to ride harder, maybe even better as I push myself to new levels. So now with End of Days here, I am relegated to watching regular TV as the Tour DeFrance rides off into the sunset.


Wow...Thanks Versus

No more incredible Hi-Def coverage featuring spectacular scenery. No more knock down, drag out, push yourself to the limit racing. No more witty bantering between the commentators. What am I to do?

Moments from The Tour (Thanks Versus)…

 Rides, Rides, and More Rides…
Another week of no mountain biking and the guilt is getting pretty bad. The Stumpjumper is growing cobwebs and now the tires are going flat. Additionally, I am pretty sure my mountain biking shoes have actually stopped smelling. Yeh, it’s getting bad. There is redemption however in the form of lots of road rides. 

Falmouth Ride

Falmouth Ride

Tim and I decided to ride the bike path in Falmouth the other day. Leaving out of Tim’s work we rode down along the harbor in Falmouth, then along the ocean where we picked up the bike path. Heading north, the bike path took us by lots of great scenery including a stretch of marsh and views of the water. It was tough at times as there are lots of restaurants and the smell of food was filling the air as well as our nostrils. All in all we covered a little over 20 miles before the rain caught up with us. 

Chasing Tim

Chasing Tim

Saturday found Iron Chick and me riding the Service Road for some hill work. We road it from exit 5 to exit 2 then took Route 130 to Sandwich Village where we connected up with the Cape Cod Canal to ride the bike path.
Canal Ride

Canal Ride

The Service Road was a great work out. It did take me about twenty minutes to get warmed up but once I did things just felt right. With the Cervelo P2C attached to my feet, I was smoking along making short time of the flowing hills.

Route 130 from the Service Road to Route 6a is all down hill, about 4 miles worth and while I enjoyed the fast pace, I was wondering what the trip back up would be like.  

Iron Chick

Iron Chick

I had never ridden the canal before and I must say I really enjoyed it. The day was sunny but windy and the traffic was light on the bike path so we could make a good average speed. The scenery was great with beautiful water views and lots of boats to look at. The path is generally flat and has lots of bathrooms and places to stop. The trip was about 8 miles down and 8 miles back.
Bikenfool CC Canal

Bikenfool CC Canal

The four mile long trip back up Route 130 was actually not bad and the ride back down The Service Road was faster than the trip out. We covered about 35 miles at an average speed of 17.3 mph and burned about 2300 calories. All in all a great day.


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