Posted by: bikenfool | June 23, 2009

Tick Tock…

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future…
Hard to believe that it is almost July. Time simply flies by. The weather has been right out of England, raining more than it has been sunny.  This has put a serious crimp in my riding. Well actually work has put a serious crimp in my riding but the weather has not helped. Work keeps chewing large holes in my personal time leaving me short on getting everything done I need to. If only there were 36 hours in a day…

Extra, extra read all about it….
Iron Chick was out in full force doing the Craigville Sprint June 13th. She used this race as a warm up for The Patriot Half Iron Man June 20th. The conditions were good and the results of the race were good as well with Iron chick beating last years time easily.

Team Iron Chick...

Team Iron Chick...

Another one bites the dust...

Another one bites the dust...

The weather forecast for the next weekend was not looking good. The Patriot Half Iron Man was set for Saturday and Wendy was scheduled to come up from New Jersey to participate. The girls prepared for the worst but were pleasantly surprised when the weather turned out great. Both set a personal best for the event! I am so proud!

No.          Name            Location     Final        Div/Tot  Div  
237         ALIICIA         MA            6:08:02         15/23   
155          WENDI           NJ           5:35:00          6/23         

As for my sorry ass…
As for me, I have been catching up on chores around the house and getting out for a little mountain biking. The last few rides I have been out by my self as Tim has been indisposed, getting settled into a new home. We did head out one day to TOT but poor Tim had a mechanical failure and had to cut out. Me, I kept going and had a great ride.

Jumin Jack Flash...

Jumin Jack Flash...

Rampin it..

Rampin it..

Going, going, gone again….
So as you know, I have been looking to sell my Specialized Transition for the last few months since picking up a Cervelo P2C. Well this past weekend I sold the bike to a nice girl from the Boston area who was getting into triathlons. I was able to get my asking price and she was able to get a great bike!

I have been looking to replace the Transition with a regular road race bike for variety. Just today I came across a great deal on a 2008 Orbea Orca with full Dura Ace components and picked it up for about 45% of the cost of new. Very close in price to what I sold the Transition for! Should be here in a few days.

Orbea Orca

Orbea Orca

Out and about…
Although this was scheduled to be my vacation week, multiple issues at work kept me from taking it off. No big deal as the weather has been god awful. However, with any luck, I am going to try and take Thursday off. Wendy, Iron Chick and I are planning to do a bike tour of Martha’s Vineyard. We will take the Steam Ship Authority to Oak Bluffs and go from there. Should be fun!


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