Posted by: bikenfool | June 7, 2009


The zone…
The concept of “being in the zone” during an athletic performance is often described an integration of the conscious and subconscious reflex functions that improves coordination. Many athletes describe the effortless nature of their performance whilst achieving personal bests.

When mountain biking, things do seem to happen smoothly even effortlessly when in the zone. The difference can best be described as flowing with the terrain not over it, the terrain features do not seem to disrupt you, making all aspects of the ride feel easier. Some days you just feel like you just hit it perfect.

In The Zone...

In The Zone...

Another good aspect of being in the zone is for a brief moment you forget about everything else. At least for me, I am full engaged in what I am doing. It is hard to describe it but I am not thinking about what I am doing, I am just doing it. It is very cool to be that engaged but not be really thinking. It’s relaxing even especially as I am not thinking about work.

In The Zone...

In The Zone...

Zoning out…
I did a couple mountain bike rides last week. Frank and I smoked through Trail of Tears then I did Otis on my own. Man-o-man the Tic’s are out in full force as riding Otis I pulled about a dozen off of me! Ug… Rode a couple of rocks I hadn’t before and had a great time.

Chasin Frank...

Chasin Frank...

This week, Iron Chick and I went for a 23 miler during the week and then for a 50 miler today riding from Cotuit to Kalmus Beach in Hyannis and back. It was a spectacular day being 80 and sunny with a good strong breeze. We averaged about 16.5 mph and rode thru some beautiful areas with fantastic scenery. I was in the zone for most of the ride except at the end when my bladder was getting the best of me with no restroom in sight.

Iron Chick

Iron Chick



Back to reality…
Oh well, back to reality as I sit here typing this blog entry on a beautiful Sunday evening, thinking about my week ahead and the issues I will face. I take solace in the satisfaction of a few hours of sanctuary that I had to heal my spirit. Almost as good as a vacation I think…



  1. Hey-
    Stumbled upon this while looking up stuff about TOT (ok, while wasting time at work). Great stuff, man. The zone phenomenon is very interesting to me as it pertains to reaching a higher level of not only function, but possibly a more focused consciousness. Intriguing.
    Anyhow, you should come over and ride the trails off Weir Rd in Y-port some time. Bunch of trails that not too many people know about. Swoopy, short and steep climbs, tight turns, rocks and roots – tough stuff, but fun. A couple other guys ride there regularly – Jason Holm, and Dan B from down cape. Art Hastings rides there sometimes too. Maybe you and Frank can come check them out.
    All right, back to work for me.
    Keep on writin’!
    -Finn Maguire (I met you once or twice when you were riding with Frank)

    • Hi Finn;
      Thanks for the comments. The Blog helps me vent.
      I remember riding with you guys and that cool 29er you have. You made “The Wall” that day if I remember corrrectly.
      Frank, Tim and I don’t get out together as much as we should but I would love to go with you some time.
      Maybe during the week if you give me a little notice, I could pack my stuff.
      I work over on Mid-Tech Drive, pretty close to you.
      Frank also mentioned he found a killer but hilly loop in Sandwich.
      Feel free to contact me @
      Bikenfool (Stephen Furrer)

  2. Very nice pics, did you strap the camera on top of the helmet?

    • Hi- I use a camera call GoPro Hero 5 that shoots video and stills. The camera comes with all kinds of attachemts to mount it just about anything.
      The shots you are reffering to are from a chest strap. Check out this area of the bog for more info-
      It’s Lots of fun.

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