Posted by: bikenfool | April 19, 2009


Where does it end???
Work has been all consuming. Chewing up all my personal time, eating away at my sleep, leaving me drained. Some how, I just push on, staying focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Wait, is that a train? Ug…

Is that a train?

Is that a train?

I am trying to stay optimistic, looking on the bright side of things; I have a job and get a pay check each week. It pays for this biking habit, that’s a good thing right? Maybe, but my health is suffering. I am not getting home until 8:00pm each night, having started at 7:30 in the morning and covering more ground than US Air does in a day. All this is leaving me not so happy. This week, I managed to get out for a road ride and two mountain bike rides. Boy did I need it.

Clearing my head…
Thursday evening I took the Cervelo out and covered about 16 miles before it got dark. Dam it was cold! I just about froze as the temp was 42 with a 15mph wind and an average speed of a little over 17mph. I figure the windchill made it about 30 degrees! Later, a twenty minute hot shower warmed me up and made it all worth while.

Taking control...

Taking control...

Saturday afternoon found me at Otis for a little rambling and boy it was fun. Riding all over the place proved to be just what I needed to clear my head. I was able to cover most of the new trails that Tim and I found and tie them to my original loop. Suddenly the area doesn’t seem so big. I still remember the first time I rode there and how I got lost. Sure seems funny now… 

Otis Rambling...

Otis Rambling...

Sunday I decided to hit Trail of Tears, but while smoking down a trail, I feel the ass end of the bike acting weird. I’m on a steep hill with no ability to stop. I ride it out to flat ground swallowing a couple of fillings in the process. A quick inspection yields the rear shock stuck down. Dam, I think as I play with all the settings to no avail. I limp my way back to the trusty Jeep thinking I should have stayed in bed. I had something like this happen to the RM Slayer a few years ago; it as a problem called “Stuck Down”.  The high pressure air from the “air spring” side moves into the negative pressure chamber. This increases the negative pressure causing the shock to stay compressed. When this happens on the trail, the bike is difficult to ride because of pedal to ground interference.

Oh well...

Oh well...

Heading back home, I loaded up the Epic and returned back to TOT to continue the ride. It had been a while since I rode the Epic so I started out cautious. Riding it is certainly different form riding the S-Works Stumpy. Pedaling efficiency is certainly better but the SW is by far a better climber. The suspension on the Epic is taught and the bike feels fast, real fast but the terrain at TOT is peppered with lots of rocks and roots so this makes for a rough ride by comparison. I covered about 12 miles and had a blast.

Epic is "On Call"

Epic is "On Call"

Looks like I will have to stop by Bike Zone to get the S-Works serviced this week. At least I got my mind off of work for a little bit and burned almost 4000 calories over both rides in the process. 

I do love this stuff…


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