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Moab, Utah

One of the top rides in the world…
In March of 2009 I had the chance to mountain bike in Moab Utah. This Topic and the pages under it chronicle this very special trip.

Bright Idea...Really...

Bright Idea…Really…

It started on a whim really. After reading an article in Mountain Biking UK about their recent adventure in Moab, I was blown away by how cool it looked and the fun their “Wrecking Crew” had. So when I had to travel to Salt Lake for business and thought, what the hell, I should try and take a side trip to Moab. 

The Area…
Moab is not very big and is home to only about 4000 people, however, tourism does surge the base population to four times that during peak seasons. Moderate weather provides year round riding although snow and seriously hot temperatures do occur, the climate is favorable for 8 months a year.  There seem to be lots of great places to stay. I choose The Best Western Greenwell Inn. With recently renovated rooms, it provided a convenient downtown location as a base of operations, at a reasonable price. Moab had lots of restaurants and a great micro brewery call xyz that is dedicated to cycling with lots of cool bikes hanging all over. Here is a link to a website with lots of information on all things Moab:



Getting the ride of your life…
After deciding to make the trip, I elected to find a tour company to help me get the most out of mountain biking Moab. You could however, just rent a bike and go on your own. The trail network is well marked and maps are avaiable. I planned for only two days in Moab which really was not enough. I would recommend five days if you could do it.  There are so many great trails it is hard to choose which to do. Additionally, you will want to take lots of picture/video so after riding a trail you could re-ride it to set-up some amazing shots. For those of you coming from other parts of the country, you may need a little time to get used to this type of riding. It actually took me about an hour or two to get used to riding the Slick Rock Trail. It was just so different than anything I was used to. Once I felt comfortable with the hills and was able to trust my tires grip, I was really able to get into a rhythm. By the end of the day I felt right at home on the moon like landscape. in retro spect, I would love to have ridden Slick Rock again the next day as I would have been even more confident and daring.

Solfun Mountain Bike Tours was my choice for guiding me to an incredibly memorable trip. Allan and Pat Poertner are the owners and after talking with them I new had found the right company. Solfun offers Specialized and Kona bikes, amoung others as rentals and most bikes are new each year. I simply can’t say enough about how great the team at Solfun was. Allan and Pat really made me feel like part of the family and I also got to meet Brian and Steve from Solfun over dinner on my first night. Steve had dialed in the suspension set-up on my Stumpjumper and Brian was my guide for the world famous Slick Rock Trail. I could not imagine any other company providing a better experience than Solfun.

Moab map

Moab map

 Savoring the moment…
During my rides, it felt like I spent a fair amount of time taking video and photos. There are so many great shots to get I really could have just gone out for a day specifically to shoot footage. I brought a Cannon PowerShot 10mpix digital camera with a small tripod, GoPro Hero 5 digital helmet camera, lots of GoPro mounting brackets and 28 gigs of flash memory.  Funny thing is nothing really gives you the feeling of how grand this venue is. You have to see it to believe it. If you look close at some of the pictures you will probably see my mouth hang open in awe.

bikenfool havin some fun...

bikenfool havin some fun…

Long lasting memories…
My trip was great providing stunning scenery, great food, perfect weather, two epic rides and great camaraderie. My only wish is that I could have spent more time in Moab. I would love to do this trip annually. I hope you get a chance to experience the beauty and grandeur of Utah and Moab.

Solfun Mountain Bike Tours

Solfun Mountain Bike Tours

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  1. Steve – the pic’s look good. The day you left we got 6″ of snow and unrideable conditions for a week. Thanks, pal!

    • Hi Frank- tell me about, I barely got out of town. Wish you could have gone, you would have loved it!

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