Posted by: bikenfool | March 1, 2009

Houston We Have A Problem?

T minus one day and counting…
It’s Sunday and I am staring out the window at a fresh blanket of white snow. Ug! Storm one of two is just finishing and it may not look good for flying out of Providence om Monday. Great timing, having not one but two storms hit after last week being beautiful and Tuesday on next week looking great. Luck of the draw I guess. As I pack, I am wondering if I have any hopes of actually taking off out of Providence at 10:00am Monday, landing in Baltimore, making my connection, and then talking off again for Utah. I figure my chances are 50/50.  I have visions of that movie “Terminal” with Tom Hanks.

Like a good boy scout…
Packing is tough, as I have to be prepared for a conference and for mountain biking. I have the usual business casual dress clothes and my usual mountain biking gear. Kinda strange seeing them together. Additionally, I never travel without my laptop but I also am packing the Binknfools’ media gear. The GoPro Helmet camera with lots of mounts, including the handle bar and chest mounts.  16+ gigs of flash memory, Garmin 305 GPS, Canon Powershot 10mp digital camera with flex stand, lots of cables, power supplies, batteries and chargers. It should be interesting going through airport security…

Warming up…
Saturday, Tim and I met at Trail of Tears to get in a pre storm ride. The temp read about 40 but it sure felt colder. The ground however, was like oatmeal. Really mushy and runny in spots. It was like what Frank had described a couple of weeks ago.  It felt like riding on flat tires. I swear if you stopped peddling (even on a down hill) you would almost stop. Kinda like having your brakes dragging. We expended lots of energy doing the Fast Loop (which was not that fast). We still had fun and it’s my my last ride before Moab.   

step away from the light...

step away from the light...

What’s left ?
I am speaking at the conference on using technology to help in a bad economy, something I have spear headed in our company.  No real issues with being nervous but I will still be running over my presentation. The conference has planned for us to go to see the Utah Jazz play one of the nights, should be fun. I confirmed with Solfun Mountain Bike Tours for our ride Thursday and Friday. Packed pretty much everything including the kitchen sink. Nothing left to do but wait and see if the weather shoves a stick in my spokes!  I will keep these images in head as I wait in the airport terminal…

Ride Moab

Solfun Mountain Biking Tours, Moab

Slofun Tours Moab

Solfun Mountain Biking Tours, Moab


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