Posted by: bikenfool | February 5, 2009

Livin The Dream…

I must be dreaming…
So every now and again I get shooting the breeze with Tim or Frank about taking cool trips to great places for epic rides. You know, The Kingdom Trails, Whistler or Moab. This is the stuff dreams are made of (and in many cases, bones are broken). Anyway we talk about how much fun we would have and envision the endless endurance and perfect weather.

So pinch me already…
Each year, one of my companies largest vendors holds a client conference in Utah. Lasts year when I went, it never really dawned on me to plan a mountain biking trip. I was at the hotel in Park City when it hit me. I was staring at the National Down Hill race circuit with the dust barley settled.  It was like mountain bike heaven. The bartender, a mountain biker, gave me an overview of all the different types of riding that was available in Utah and specifically in Park City.  I was like, wow what an idiot I am. Swearing to never make the same mistake twice, I vowed to make up for it next time. On the bright side, I did get to go up in a hot air balloon over Park City. Very cool.

Well our software vendor is having the conference again in Utah, so I am seizing the chance at some great mountain bike riding.  Paul, one of my friends from work and I are heading out the first week of March. Paul is a cyclist as well and jumped at the idea of adding on a few days to our trip to enjoy Utah’s beauty.

Moab or bust…
We have set our sights on the legendary Moab and Slick Rock sounds like just the thing to cure the winter blues. A little research online led me to Solfun Tours in Moab. After talking with Allan Poertner [], owner of Solfun Tours, I felt we found the man to help us experience Utah (oh yeh and not get lost either).  Allan has a great passion for mountain biking with over 20 years experience. The company offers Group or Private tours and provide everything you need for a memorable trip include quality bikes like Specialized Stumpjumpers (my favorite).  After gather intel from me to help prep for our trip, Allen sent over some photos of the two ride will be be doing.

Day 1: The Tusher Experienceuntitled-11

Day 2:  Moab Slick Rock Trail


For all posterity…
You know the GoPro Camera is gonna get one hell of workout on this trip. I am going to bring two 8 gig chips plus I will have my laptop.  This is gonna be soooo cool. 

Oh yeh, livin the dream.

I wonder if my insurances are paid up?


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