Posted by: bikenfool | February 3, 2009

Stuck In Side

Ah yes, snow again…
So at least I got an outdoor ride in the other day. Albeit slightly dangerous, I had a blast and it was great to be outside getting fresh air.  It took me about a half an hour just to clean my bike after the ride and almost the same for my sorry ass. I talked with Frank today, he had just gotten in from California on Monday and was hoping to ride . No so luck, as today we got hit with a pretty good storm. Now I sit once again and stare out to snow covered ground.

Keeping the blade sharp…
I have been using the CycleOps Trainer alot doing Spinerval classes about three times a week. I have stayed focused on “The Up-Hill Grind” and “The Sprinting Machine”.  I did “Muscle Break Down” on Saturday ( a very tough set) then stayed on the bike to round out 20 miles. All this is feels like it is helping with real world rides but I don’t think I will tell until spring.

So tonight, I hung in the basement, working, grinding, sweating my way to spring and it can’t come quick enough! 


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