Posted by: bikenfool | February 1, 2009

Groundhog Day…

Damn Goundhog has nothin on me…
So just like a goundhog, I came out of my hole today in hopes of putting an end to the “Winter of My Discontent”. Looking just as scruffy as a ground hog from not having shaved since Friday, I made my way to the Yarmouth Conservation area hoping that there would be less snow still on the ground.

Today is the best weather day we have had in over a month being 45 and sunny. We have been in a deep freeze with lots of snow so just seeing the ground is a treat. I really hoped that Yarmouth had less snow on the ground but no such luck. The trails were wet, I mean really wet with patches of snow and lots of super slick ice.

Ice skating anyone???
The first mile was tough as ice ruled the roost. I was amazed at how well my tires gripped. I actually made it further on hills than I thought I would. It was slow going with very little breaking and no sudden movements. Most low lying areas and hills were covered. As water flowed down the hills, it left sheets of ice during the night time freezes. At times, I could barely walk up them as there was literally no traction. 

Snow and Ice...

Snow and Ice...

All is not lost…
As I inevitably came upon higher ground, there we areas of no snow. Most areas were wet and muddy making me look like Messy Marvin not The Bikenfool.  My speed was definitely less than usual as caution was the order of the day. The goal, not to crash and not to get hurt.

Some No Snow Areas...

Some No Snow Areas...

Gettin some air...

Gettin some air...

All in all a great day…
45 degrees, fresh air and sunshine, who could ask for more? and I didn’t even crash! Let’s hope I am wrong on the six more weeks of winter thing. What the hell does a shadow know anyway? Here’s a video for your amusement.


So, as I stop to take a drink, I look down and it dawns on me that I am staring at my shadow. Ug, I think as I have visions of six more weeks of bad weather.

Groundhog Day- Ug!

Groundhog Day- Ug!


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