Posted by: bikenfool | January 11, 2009

2009 Is Here

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh…
You know I really mean mountain bike and not sleigh. Anyway, it has been very cold and moderately snowy since my last mountain bike ride the day after Christmas. I have been relegated to lot of rides in the basement on the trainer. We were lucky enough to have had a couple of warmer days (33-34) to melt off some of the snow.

Tim and I decided that it would be worth a try to hit Trail of Tears Saturday. The temp at 8:00am was a whopping 18. degrees! Ug…It did however warm up to a smoldering 25 by the time we meet at the trail head. Arriving to what looked like a skating rink instead of a parking lot, we carfully unloaded our bikes. Yes there were other poor souls as brave as we were attempting to ride as well.

Hard to stand not alone un-load

Hard to stand not alone un-load

The trails right around the parking area were heavily used and the mashed snow had frozen sold. This made for tricky riding. The protocol was no sudden moves and almost no brakes. It was pretty dicey at first but we elected to press on. 

Deep Freeze made for icy conditions

Deep Freeze made for icy conditions

Once we got up to the ridge, the trails were better, snow but less ice. No issues with traction in the snow but boy you work harder to make way. Generally all hills were made by Tim and I. Once we got over to the north side, our tracks were about the only ones. Even though the temps were around 25, we both felt comfortable. We certainly had great fun chasing each other around.  In the end we had a blast and were glad we got out as another storm came in Saturday night.

Here a video of the ride…



  1. Hi there,

    We met you on Saturday, we are the “other poor fools” in the first pic; I’m on the left with the yellow vest and my friend Dave is on the right….
    Your blog is a hoot…..


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