Posted by: bikenfool | November 30, 2008

Colder Than a Witches What?

Far too early for this…
For those of you who do not live in the Northeast, the temperatures during November and December vary but usually run mid to high 40’s in November and mid to upper 30’s in December. Well we just had a week of mid 20’s to low 30’s with 25 mph winds. Ug! I guess a little cold never hurt any one….right?

God bless Pearl Izumi…
With the outdoor thermometer reading 23 degrees and wind strong enough to blow Dorothy back to Kansas, we elected to go Mountain biking at Otis last weekend. It never fails to amaze me how good technical clothing is these days. Dressed in the following get-up I was toasty warm: 

  • Nike Turtle Neck (form fitting- wicking)
  • Monster Racing Jersey (no value other than looking cool)
  • North Face 100% wind resistant coat (so thin you would think it would do nothing)
  • Pearl  Izumi 100% wind resistant tights ( Very stylish-yeh)
  • Pearl Izumi chamois (keep the bum comfy)
  • Fox Mountain Bike Top Pants (some value for warmth but mostly provide a visual reprieve from the tights and oh yeh they have sealed pockets)
  • Wool Socks
  • Pearl Izumi 100% wind resistant shoe covers (you need to be Houdini to get them on and off but man they work)
  • Nike 100% wind resistant gloves
  • Pearl Izumi head mask ( yeh, you look like a SWAT Special Ops guy about to knock down a door on a drug raid but it is super warmth)

Most all this gear was purchased through closeouts and specials for 30 to 60 % off. Much of it through EMS. They have unbelievable sales especially at the end/beginning of the year.

Three men entered but only two came out…
So we met at the 151 parking area at 10:00am. My buddy Tim and a good friend of his named Tim also (Please, no “This is my brother Daryl” jokes…). The new Tim rides a Rocky Mountain Slayer 50 (same I the one I sold this spring) and Tim rides a Rocky Mountain Element. The ride started out un-event-full as the big rock was conquered easily. 

The Rock

Up The Rock

Down The Rock

Down The Rock

Snap, Crackle, Pop…
Just as we passed over a nice rock jump, it happened. Snap Crackle Pop. Tim’s Slayer broke a chain on landing. Good thing we had a chain breaker to save the day. Well almost save the day. We put the chain back together and started to take off. Just a stroke into it, the chain was seeking it’s gear and severed the bottom derailleur cog! Ug. DOA at that point.Hack Mechanic

Hack Mechanic

Hack Mechanic

Hoofin It...
Hoofin It…

Take the long way home…
Poor Tim had to walk to out. Being the bastards that we are, the other Tim and I pointed him in the general direction, said good look and kept riding. So much for “Leave No Man Behind”. Two hours later he found his way back to the parking area! Opps… Maybe we should have taken him back?. The rest of the ride was great. No mishaps and lots of fun to be had but it would have been better with three of us instead of two.


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