Posted by: bikenfool | October 27, 2008

Deja vu

Final fling?

Well I must admit that the weather has been just great. Generally warm, for this time of year, with some of the clearest days I seen. Yet all this comes to an end quicker with each passing day as winter approaches. The sun is now setting at 5:45pm and it is getting is increasingly harder to mountain bike during the week. Mostly because I feel guilty leaving work at 4:00pm.

After traveling at the beinging of last week, I was exhausted but decided to go out for a quick mountain bike ride at TOT on Thursday. The temperature was bearly 40 degrees. Burrrr, it took me about fifteen minutes to get warmed up! When the weekend hit, the temp went back up to almost 70 degrees. Wow what a difference. I had to work all day Saturday so no biking that day but Sunday was all about outside. Given the temperature, I thought a good road ride was in order. The Cotuit Extended Loop provided great sceneary as the temp hovered about 70. It was almost like summer again…


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