Posted by: bikenfool | October 24, 2008

Just Shoot Me…

Having some fun…

The new bike is great. I have been out with it three times now and I am starting to feel comfortable on it. Mountain Biking on Cape Cod has never been so good! The temperature has dropped enough to be more comfortable, the leaves are changing and the colors are spectacular. So when out riding, I have been playing around with the GoPro Hero 5. The pictures below are shot in “multiple shot” mode.
GoPro Side Shot 1

GoPro Side Shot 1

GoPro Side Shot 2

GoPro Side Shot 2

Shooting from the hip helmet
I have been testing videos from different angles. The first videos that I shot are from a side helmet mount. I am not sure if I like seeing the helmet in the frame. Getting the camera angled correct is a little tough. I talked with Jason at GoPro about using the camera and he gave me a few pointers about batteries and memory. In Video Mode the Hero 5 shoots about one gig every fifty minutes. Jason told me to bring an extra set of batteries as they may not last for two full gigs of video. I shot at Otis the other day and the batteries lasted about an hour and forty minutes. Although the Hero 5 is not rated for a four gig chip, I used one any way. It recorded video fine but no sound. Not really a big deal as the sounds were mostly me huffing and puffing! I will start to develop a library of pictures and videos from various locations.

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