Posted by: bikenfool | October 15, 2008

It Has Arrived…

Crazy cool…

So I have been diligent in searching Craig’s List and eBay for a used 2008 Carbon Stumpjumper. Having sold the Rocky and Expert Stumpjumper I was primed and ready. As you may have read, I was out bid on a couple of nice bikes. Lately there have been all large size bikes listed but I need a medium. I finally caught a break about two weeks a go when two medium 2008 carbon S-Works were listed on eBay. The first had a fair “Buy Now” price and was gone in about 30 hours. The second had a “Buy Now” price higher than I was willing to pay.  The seller had only put the “Buy Now” option so no bids could be placed. I waited about 6 days for the final minutes of the auction and sent the seller an email offering to buy the bike at my number. No reply came back.

Let’s make a deal…

I pretty much gave up on that one and kept looking each day for the next opportunity. Then about four days later, the same bike was re-listed with the “Buy Now” reduced to my  offer! Cool, I thought. so before I clicked the “Buy Now” button, I checked with Iron Chick (my wifey) one last time to make sure I should make the leap. She said, “Go for it!” just like any obsessive compulsive, neurotic, New York City Marathon running wife should. Did I say I am a kept man?

Wow, I always luck out…

For anyone who read my bog on the Carbon Epic, you know that I got that bike used and I swear it was never ridden. Well I just unpacked the new Stumpy and WOW! You just can’t believe this bike was ever ridden either. It came with a Polar CS400 computer ($250 retail), a carbon water bottle cage ($40 retail), all manuals and tools including the SAG meter.  By the way, the computer registered a mere 5 miles. That’s right 5.

Ready to roll…

After un-packing the bike which by the way, was pack so well it looked like a mummy, I  set all the suspension settings and seat position. I am scheduled to ride this Thursday with Frank & Tim at Trail of Tears. Looks like I will be taking the Stumpjumper out for its maiden voyage. Here are some shots (Check out the weight!) For more on the S-Works, check out “SJ S Works” under “The Bikes


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