Posted by: bikenfool | September 27, 2008

Going, going, gone…

Cleaning House…

 After years of good luck with the Rock Mountain Slayer and Specialized Stumpjumper Expert, I decided to consolidate. The Rocky had proven a great bike being light enough to move around the trails but built well enough to take the rough stuff. If you have read any of my blog, you know I just can’t say enough about the Stumpjumper model. Light and nimble with great suspension, it was a joy to own. I actually rode that bike the most. Non the less I made a decision to seek out a 2008 Stumpjumper Carbon so somethings just have to go.


Craigslist always proves to be a great avenue for selling things. It does take a little diligence but it always works. After a months of postings, I sold the Rocky Mountain Slayer 50 to a local kid here on the Cape. He was just getting into mountain biking and his dad was supporting the effort. Great bike to start out as I am sure he will use the suspension to its fullest.  A few more weeks produced a buyer for the Stumpjumper. A nice young man from the Boston area who recently transplanted here from out west. Both bikes were as close to new as you could get in a mountain bike so the buyers were psyched. I was definitely sorry to see them go, especially the Stumpjumper.

Moving on…

I have been monitoring Craigslist and Ebay closely for my next Stumpy. Lots of carbon bikes but most are larges and I need Medium. Pricing has been generally fair. Ebay is great as I track items and can see what they sell for. It really helps me with value. It looks like a 2008 Pro Carbon is selling for $3300-3600. Not bad for a bike that retailed or about $5500. The S-Works model is still commanding about $4200-4500 having had a retail of about $7500. The S-Works is a little to rich for my blood at $4500. My goal is to find a Pro model for about $3300 but who knows, maybe I luck out and find an S-Works? 


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