Posted by: bikenfool | September 15, 2008

Bond, James Bond…

 Hero…who me? 

Ok, if you have read any of my blog you already know I am a self professed GEEK. That’s right, died in the wool, pocket protecting, tape on the glasses, geek. I just love technology. So I read this article recently on  Hero Helmet Camera by GoPro. Very cool little digital video/still camera that mounts to just about anything.

Remember Q? 
The camera comes in the following configurations; Wrist, Helmet and Motor-sports. The heart of the package is a 1.5″x2.25″x1″ digital camera. It comes with a clear water tight lexan case that is claimed to be virtually indestructible. The camera itself is a looks like something that James Bond would use for a spy mission. Additionally, most of the kits come with lots of mounts and pivot arms allowing for many different setups. The Auto kit comes with a cool suction cup that claims to be rated up to 150mph.

So the geek in me thought, wow this is cool. I could shoot all kinds of video and stills on both mountain and road bike. Below is an example of a video where I used lots of different mount positions.

Action Jaction…

Ichecked around on eBay and found it for about $169 including a 2gig card and free shipping.  It just arrived and I am toying around with it. It seems generally easy to use. There are setting for Video, Single Stills, Rapid Fire Stills and Stills can be set to fire off at different time intervals. Pretty cool. The camera is 3 mega-pixel and seems to take fair picture. Lighting definitely needs to be right up like my regular digital camera. Also it does not have a flash.  The camera is powered by two aaa batteries. Rechargeable ones are a must.

Video Tests…

Check out “Ride Cams” for videos that I created. It definitely takes a bit of work to use this thing correctly. Storage space, camera setting and battery life all play a big role in getting a good result. I have been testing all kinds of different mounts and mount locations. Each provides a different visual experience. I have even started to place the camera on the trails to get some cool ride by shots.

so far I have also put the camera on my car in various places as well as my brother-in-laws boat. All very cool. Here are some video stills.



  1. HERO gone WIDE….check out the new GoPro Helmet HERO Wide camera. Features a 170 degree wide angle lens cam…great for helmet cam…super smooth and sees a lot more. Also has a pic every 2 second mode…5 megapixel photos. Contact me if you are interested in checking one out…

  2. Hi Justin;

    Thanks for the offer.

    Funny story.

    I had the camera for about a week and was getting used to using and setting it up.

    I did a few car videos and a few bicycle ones as well.

    On a beautiful Sunday near the end of September I took my boat for the final cruise of the season.

    I live on Cape Cod and did a great ride over to Martha’s Vineyard.

    I mounted the camera to the side of the hull with the suction cup and off we went.

    Shooting video of the glass smooth ocean and pristine harbors, we had a great day and the GoPro Camera documented it.

    On the way back across Nantucket Sound a 40 foot cabin cruiser crossed my path leaving a 2-3 foot wake.

    I slowed as I hit the wake and just then, within my peripheral vision, I saw the camera going flying off the hull!


    I stopped and went back, hoping it would somehow float.

    No such luck, off it went to Davie Jones Locker!

    Lesson learn, use a safety line!

    Anyway, I have waited to order another one until the new wide 5 mega pix came out.

    I just ordered it last Friday from

    I should have it this Tuesday, I can’t wait.

    One suggestion, come up with a lithium (cell phone type) battery for it.

    I will post more on the new camera over the next few weeks.

    Thanks for comment.

    Steve Furrer (

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