Posted by: bikenfool | September 5, 2008

It’s Back…

The Switchback…

I have been riding the Stumpjumper since about the beginning of July but just made the switch back to the Epic. The first ride back was a little tough. I was really worried about peddle position as the Epic is lower than the Stumpjumper. The difference is actually very noticeable on rocky trails as the Epic pedals hit easily. Needless to say, the first ride out, I hit a rock with the crank on a tight trail at full speed. It kicked the ass end out and sent me flying off the bike like superman. Dam shame I didn’t have my cape and tights on! The rest of the ride was good. However it was like riding a new bike for the first time. It took me a bit to get used to it again.

I went out again today and did the Fast Loop at Trail of Tears. This time I did great. Smooth, reasonably fast with no real crank issues. I had great energy and all the hills were no issue. I feel the effort required to ride the Epic up hills is about 25% less than the Stumpjumper. However, the Stumpjumper definitely soaks up the bumps and rocks without much impact on your line. The Epic by contrast, ridden hard over really rough stuff, has a tendency to skip or chatter which can impact the line. I did play with the dampening front and rear and smoothed it out a little. Additionally, I avoid more rocks/roots than when I am on the Stumpjumper.  


So I ran into another Deer (and not the significant other type). This time it was at the Trail of Tears in the back section by the Service Road. Once again I scared the crap out of the deer and it out of me. It was a white tailed female.

It shot across the trail in front of me and took off.  This place is like Wild Kingdom I swear.


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