Posted by: bikenfool | August 30, 2008


Dog Days of Summer…

I have been dragging ass for the last three weeks. In July, I seemed to have endless endurance. August has been though. My diet did not really change but I have been under a lot of stress at work. Anyway, it certainly took it’s toll on how I felt. I actually may have had an inner ear infection. During support of my wife in Ironman 70.3 Providence, I drove the Jeep around for days with the top off and I think this may have caused it. Being the dumb ass that I am I never went to the doctor so I suffered for about a month. It didn’t keep me from riding but did slow me down a little.



I was able to get out and ride the Falmouth coast the other day. It was spectacular. The traffic was light and the roads generally smooth. However there were patches of sand that washed into the road from Monday’s storm. I had a great ride averaging about 20 miles an hour for about 24 miles. That’s a good time for me. My goal is to get to 25mph for 25 miles. This is harder than it sounds (at least for me). I am planning to try and do drills and actually use a training schedule.

This past Thursday I went mountain biking with Frank and Tim at Otis. It was a perfect afternoon with the temperature about 72. I felt good and rode well. Frank and I set the pace and we actually had posted my second fastest time for the new loop at 7.2mph for 10 miles. 7.6 was my best time early in July. Tim as a little under the weather but hung in there.  Other than an altercation with a tree that left a battle scare it was a blast! 


Fool and his money (well almost money)…

I have actually listed the Stumpjumper for sale on Craig’s List. Anyone interested? Anyway, I am looking to find a used 2008 Carbon Stumpjumper. Just missed a nice one by $50 on EBay the other day. Althouth I am certainly not a in any rush to sell nor am I willing to give it a way but I figure with the money from selling the Rocky Mountain and the money from the Stumpjumper, I will definitely be able to get a used 2008. Here is a pic of the one I missed.




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