Posted by: bikenfool | August 12, 2008

Passing Time

Lot’s of fun…

This past weekend was lots of fun. It had lots of r&r and of course a little cycling. Man I love summer!

We went to see O.A.R. in concert at The Comcast Center. It was a great show. I just love that band. Their music is up beat with lots of saxaphone and great vocals. Reminds me a little of Dave Mathews at times. We had great seats, center stage not to far back. I must admit I felt pretty old as most looked high school age. I did feel better when the girl at the beer counter, who was young enough to be my daughter, did card me. Maybe I am not that old looking? Na…

Saturday brought a trip to the family cottage on the beach and dinner with friends. Lot’s of sun, great company and great food. The family cottage is out on a remote area of beach call Sandy Neck. It has been in the family since the 30’s. You can get there by 4-wheel drive but we usually take a boat. The cottage sits right on the water and offers amazing sunsets.

Sunday was the Falmouth Road Race. It is one of the premier 10k races in the world. This year over 10 thousand runners participated. This included The Iron Chicks (My wife & her little sister), my good friends Urs and Scott. Once again I acted as the support crew dropping the athletes off at 7:30am. The race starts in Woods Hole, a very small water front village, so the runner have to be bussed down there. It takes a couple of hours to get them all down there. The race actually does not start until 10:00am. 

I had packed my road bike to do a ride while I waited for the race to start. I usually park at a Bank America branch that is in reasonable walking distance of the finish line. I rode out of the bank and actually did the race course. Riding it reverse to the start then back to the finish, I then extended the ride further up the coast.

This was one unreal ride. The roads to Woods Hole carve the coast offering spectacular views of Nantucket Sound and Martha’sVineyard.  The best part was that the course roads were blocked from thru traffic. I had them almost to my self! Wow this was cool. Beautiful scenery, twisty roads and almost of all no traffic, heaven should be so good.  I ended up doing about 25 miles with most of it along the coast. Once done with my ride, I loaded the bike back at the Jeep, did a quick change out of my bike cloths and walked down to watch the race.

This year saw a few course records, including the fact that The Iron Chicks beat Urs and Scott. Not too suprising I guess. Poor bastards had no chance. We then retreated to hange out in hammocks and have a great cookout. What a great way to pass time! Here are a few parting shots:


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