Posted by: bikenfool | August 3, 2008

But I don’t feel Like it…

What a baby…

Thursday, I was going to go mountain biking with Tim but we never hooked up. I can’t say I was bummed as I was exhausted. My legs really needed a break. So I took Thursday and Friday off from riding. I did however, play golf Friday afternoon with two friends from work.  Boy was that fun. Not that I am any good but it is still fun and golf courses are beautiful, especially in the afternoon. Paul and Adam are much better golfers than I, so they carried me through the round.

I have been so into road riding lately that I did not feel like mountain biking today. I actually thought about going for a road ride instead but I dragged my sorry ass out of bed early and decided to go for it. Today was a gorgeous day, sunny and 85. I headed down to Otis at 10:00am with the Stumpjumper stoed in the Jeep.

I ride with a Camelpak and usually put my Iphone in the pack with the speakers pointed up cranking something cool like O.A.R.. Great riding music by the way. As I was unloading, I met a nice girl who was just returning from a ride. I gave her this blog address to download maps, hopefully she will find them. It is great to see women out mountain biking. My wife is not really a mountain biker although she has gone with me a few times. She is so focused on training for events and is especially worried about crashing on a mountain bike before a race. She has The Falmouth Road Race next week end and another Half Iron Man in New Hampshire in two weeks. Yeah, I know, she has a problem. What can I say, I am sympathetic to obsessive compulsive behavior…

Today’s ride was nothing short of awesome. Next time I whine about going mountain biking, someone please change my diapers and stick a pacifier in my mouth! I just love it out on the trails. It is so much different than the road. First off, I expend twice as much energy. Ok, maybe I should ride harder on the road? Anyway, the trails are just pure fun, especially on this loop. Fast, twisty and just enough tough climbs to max the heart rate without grinding you into the ground. After you feel you legs have had just about enough, the last section lays off the hills. It has a killer rock garden and a smoking fast flat section. Just great! Now don’t get me wrong I still love road riding, this is just different.

The Stumpjumper performed fantastic. What a great bike. It just carves up the trails. Today was a good day for making all the tough stuff. I went right up the large boulder at the beginning. This is the one with the man made ramp 10 foot ramp down the other side. The  first large hill with the tough rock garden was not a problem today (well, I did huff and puff). The killer 5 stage hill was made with lots of sweat dripping down my nose. Then there was the rock garden; no issues today. I guess I am glad I went.  

When I returned to the Jeep, I met a rally nice couple from Worchester, MA. If you are reading this, feel free to email me when you are coming down to the Cape and I will be happy to ride with you. Hopefully you will find the printable maps and GPS data helpful.  I always run into nice people when I am out.


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