Posted by: bikenfool | July 17, 2008

Time off for good behavior…

Road Home…

I have been lucky to have the last week off. Lots of fun with family and friends. Lots of biking as well. My wife has been training for a Half Iron Man on the 13th so I have been doing some road riding with her. She has been training for months. Sunday she will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles and run 13.3 miles. I am incredibly proud of her as this is no easy feat.  

Road riding is definitely fun but definitely dangerous. Each ride seems to have numerous opportunities to crash. Multiple cars not paying attention, lots of small animals like squirrels and some of the worst roads you can imagine, all create scary situations.

The the flip side, it is amazing how efficient road riding is. The slightest turn of the crank yields instant power and forward momentum. I have been able to average 19.2 mph on my usual 12 miler. I have added in longer rides 20-25 miles to be with my wife more. Those rides average about 17.5 to 18 mph. Certainly not setting any seed records but when I started my 12 miler average 17.5. 

Along with the road riding, I was able to do a few mountain bike rides. I went mostly to Otis. I have been honing out my new loop. It is definitely becoming a great ride. I was able to get out with Frank one time and another time with Tim. The weather was hot but nice.

Frank got his Titus Moto Light back from the shop. Very cool bike. It weighs about 27lb and is out fitted with great components. Frank makes great use of it that’s for sure.  Here are some shots.




  1. That’s one sweet bike….

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