Posted by: bikenfool | July 17, 2008

Ironman Providence…

Maybe they should call it “Ironwoman”?

This past week end, my wife participated in the Ironman Providence. It was actually a half race which means swim 1.2, bike 56 miles and run 13.3 miles. Nice and short. She has been training for months as this was her first Ironman level race. I was the race support crew (God knows I could not do the actual race!).

Races are always exciting and fun to go to. We left for Providence on Friday and checked in to the Marriott Renaissance. Great spot, easy to get to and right in the heart of Providence. Jeanne, my wife’s sister, also participated. As this race started at the coast and ended in downtown Providence, we had to drop swim, gear and the bikes off at the coast on Saturday. After a long ride to Naragansett beach, (lots of traffic) we drove the bike route, 56 miles, back to Providence where we dropped the run gear off.  

The Sea Was Rough That Day My Friend…

Sunday was race day with the girls being shuttled to Narragansett at 4:00am while I was still dreaming of chasing that perfect epic ride. Aliicia was scheduled to go off at a little after 6:00am and Jeanne around 6:30am. With winds speed at 20+mile an hour the swim took Aliicia 49 minutes (about 15 more than usual). Great surfing though.   

The bike course was reasonably hilly and put the girls in the bike transition finish at about 11:00am.  My brother-in-law and I got to the bike transition finish at about 10:30am. We found a great spot and were able to greet the girls as they came in.

The run consisted of two 6 plus miles loops through downtown. College hill brought most novices to a walk. Appearently very steep and because of the loop you have to do it twice! The temperature got up to about 83 degrees but strong winds kept it bearable.

When all was said and done seven hours and twenty one minutes later my wife completed her first Half Ironman 70.3 miles. I am so proud of her! 


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