Posted by: bikenfool | June 22, 2008

Connecting the dots…

Missed a call from Tim yesterday looking to ride early this morning. Dam AT&T cell phone. Too bad as I was looking forward to going riding with him.

I ended up going anyway and had a great time. I did some exploring, trying a couple of different routes. I was able to add about two miles to the loop.

Took a couple of trails that made me double back. No big deal. I think just a little more tinkering and I will have a good 12-14 mile loop set. ran into my friend the Pheasant again. Not very friendly, dam thing chased me again. I think it had babies with it so maybe it was protecting them?

I had great energy and endurance today. I felt like I could have kept riding with no problem. I did about an hour and thirty seven minutes – 12 miles. No records today but just exploring.

There are lots of great trails and I found even more big ass boulders. One of them was the super tall. It looked like someone set it up to try and ride. I had a hard time climbing it on foot! Although there were no rubber marks on it, hats off to anyone who could make it.


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