Posted by: bikenfool | June 15, 2008

Nothing bugs me…

Crazy sound.

What is it, a UFO maybe a new military plane?

No it is just the 17 year cicadas.

I am lucky enough not to have any cicadas near where I live. All is quiet, but when I went riding at Otis yesterday…

Wow, they are really loud. I was driving the Jeep with the top off and at traffic lights I could hear these things. Like Kamakazi pilots they slam into the front of the not so aero-dynamic Jeep. I only saw or heard them in patches. Kinda weird.

At first I was concerned when I parked. I could hear the sound in the distance and wondered if I would be eating these things for a couple of hours during my ride. Much like the road areas, they were not everywhere just in patches in the woods.

I had heard that the go to the tops of trees to mate. I found this true, as I did not see many. Actually I saw more on my windshield on the way there than I did on the trails. Very weird to come up on a patch of them. The should is seriously loud. Kinda like something straight out of a Steven King or Alfred Hitchcock movie.

So, no problem with the cicadas but I did have a good ride. Tried a couple of more rocks with out incident. Very cool. 


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