Posted by: bikenfool | June 11, 2008

The heat is on…

Just got back from a ride with two friends, Tim and Frank. I ride a lot with Tim. He is very good and rides a Rocky Mountain Element. Frank works most weekends so we don’t get to ride that much. Frank is smokin fast and seems to have endless endurance. Riding with him actually makes me ride faster. Frank has been riding a Titus. Sweet bike. Today he rode a Cannondale hard tail single speed and still kicked my ass.           

I was worried about riding to day because of the temperature but I though it was actually nice. We went out about 5:30pm at Trail of Tears. The only issue I had was I forgot my clear lenses and my tinted ones were too dark for the trails. So I rode without them and got killed by bug and pollen.
It was a fast ride today…

From the Weekend…
I got to slip out Saturday, just before the fog burned off and it got really hot. I went to Otis and had a great ride. I was able to tie the new routes together but I still got a little confused in the middle. I need to add in about four more miles to the loop. Maybe next weekend?            

There is always great obstacles to ride over. Climbed over many rocks today. More than usual. Very cool but I was riding alone and still nervous about crashing.


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